Открытый урок в 9 «А» классе, посвящённый 60

Открытый урок в 9 «А» классе, посвящённый 60-летию Великой Победы.
Ток-шоу « Что бы я рассказал своим зарубежным сверстникам о Великой
Отечественной войне».
«What I would tell young people from English-speaking counties about Great
Patriotic War».
Подготовила и провела
Учительница английского языка
Теплякова Тамара Николаевна.
с. Георгиевское.
Цель урока. Показать работу школьных кружков и клубов в подготовке к
60-летию Великой Победы советского народа над фашистской Германией.
Воспитательные цели и образовательные задачи.
1. Воспитывать молодёжь на конкретных примерах героического прошлого
нашего народа средствами английского языка.
2. Поддерживать связь поколений, хранить традиции нашего народа.
3. Совершенствовать навыки монологической речи, перевода написания
письма за рубеж.
4. Использовать межпредметные связи на уроке (с историей, музыкой,
литературой, ИЗО).
1. Плакат «Знаете ли вы…что».
2. Плакат «Нет войне!».
3. Стенд о подшефном ветеране Кротове Леониде Матвеевиче.
4. Фотографии учителей-фронтовиков: Крутикова Д.П., Звонова Б.Н.,
Кудрявцевой В.Н.
5. Фотографии ветерана Великой Отечественной Войны – Дудина Н.В. (его
награды, орден, знак почёта).
6. Фотографии героев Советского Союза – Крупинова, Смирнова, Соколова,
7. Письмо зарубежному другу.
Использованы материалы школьного литературного клуба «Эврика»,
руководитель Замышляева А.Н., исторического кружка «Вехи»,
руководитель Петриченко Н.Е.
Песни исполняли участники вокальной группы школы, руководитель
Пилявская Р.А.
В разговоре приняли участие ученики разных возрастных групп,
изучающих английский в 6-х, 9-х, 10-х, 11-х классах, всего 28 человек.
Ход урока.
1. Вступительное слово о праздновании Дня Победы.
2. Защита плаката «Знаете ли вы что…».
3. Выступление экскурсовода исторического кружка школы «Вехи» о
героях Советского Союза – наших земляках.
4.Песня «Катюша» на английском языке в исполнении вокальной группы
5. Выступление членов литературного клуба «Эврика» об учителяхфронтовиках.
6.Стихотворение на английском языке «Моё желание».
7. Рассказ о своём прадедушке – участнике Великой Отечественной
8. Письмо зарубежному другу.
9. Рассказ о подшефном ветеране, используя стенд, оформленный в
10. Песня «День победы» на английском языке.
11. Защита плаката «Нет войне».
12. Инсценированное чтение «Кто твой папа, мальчуган?»
13. Песня «На кургане» (на русском языке).
14. Общий выход. War no more! We choose peace!!!
(Смотри приложение).
This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Great Victory. In our country
Victory Day is celebrated by all people in every city, town, village. It is most
important holiday in our country because it brought peace not only for the Soviet
people but for the people of many European countries. It become a tradition for
participants of World War the second to meet with their war friends in hero-cities.
Many representatives from different countries come tour country to celebrate this
great holiday with our people.
Let’s begin our talk-show «What I would say to yang people from different
countries about Great Patriotic War».
I’d like to ask them a question. Do you now that…?
World war 2 lasted 6 years. 60 countries took part in it.
About 50 million servicemen and civilians were killed in Second World War.
« It is the Russian army that tore the guts outs of the German military
(Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britan).
Hello my name is Nadezhda. I’m member of the historical club «Vekhi» in
Mezevskaya secondary School. We have collected many albums about warveterans.
Today, I’d like to show our friends from English speaking countries the photos of
the heroes of the Soviet Union, whose Motherland of Mezha.
Russia is rich in great, brave people Vyugin Nicolai Ivanovich is one of them. He
was born in village of Zinovka. During the Great Patriotic War he destroyed 6
German tanks and 2 pacifists’ car and killed some nazy’s soldiers. He received the
title of the enroot the Soviet Union for his heroism at the battle near the Kursk.
Here is the portrait of Krupinov Petr Niciforovich, who was born in the village of
Bolshaya Izbenka. He took part in force a river Dnepr. Krupinov is also the hero of
the Soviet Union.
In these photos you can portraits of Smirnov, Socolov, Toropov. We pround of
I would invite young people from different countries to our club «Vekhi».
We – Vika, Inessa, Ira and Tanya, students of the school singing club would like
to sing them Russian song «Katyusha». It is very popular not only in our country.
People all over the world sing in different languages.
(Поют песню «Катюша» на английском языке).
Good afternoon everybody. My name is Krutikov Zhenya. I’m a member of the
literary club in Mezhevskaya secondary school «Evrica». We have collected a lot of
material about war-veterans of our region. There are some stories about the teachers
of our school among them. Come to our club «Evrica».
My name is Natasha. I’d like to tell our foreign friend abut Kudryavtseva
Valintina Nicolaevna-math-teacher, about ex-principal of our school - Kruticov
Dmitry Pavlovich and history teacher-Zvonov Boris Nicolaevich.
(Показывает альбом и фотографии).
And I would like to recite them a poem.
My Wish.
Alim Keshokov. Translated by Peter Tempest.
Pease to you, people!
Under your feet
May Earth never shudder
Like a ship at sea.
Pease to you, people!
May never the show
Catastrophically boiling
You fields over flow.
Pease to you, people!
May fire in you breast
Burn bright and steady
But never your home molest.
May your lives be brimful
Of good things, I pray
Your tomorrow be better
Than yesterday.
I’d like to speak about my grand-grand father. His name is Dudin Nicolai
Valentinovich. He was teacher by profession. When the great Patriotic War began,
he joined the army of Soviet solders to liberate our country from fashists invaders.
He was at war in Belorussia, then went to Praga with Soviet troops. My grandgrand father was wounded several times and returned to home in 1944.
He was brave soldier and was awarded with 2 medals for his heroism. He was an
honest man and had been working very hard for his country during after-warperiod. In 1973 he received the Order of «Znak Pochouta» for his labour.
I have never seen him, only his photos, because he died in 1984, before my birth.
But I’m sure, my grand daddy was the best. Here are some of his awards.
And I would like to write my foreign friends a latter.
59, Oktyabrskaya Street
Mezhevskaya Secondary school
Russia, 157420
Dear, unknown English friend, hi, my name is Ivan and I live in Georgievskoye,
Russia. I’d like to tell you something about my school’s preparation to the
celebrating of the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. You know, that our country
defeated the fashists’ Germany on the 9th of May 1945. This history cost Soviet
people very dear. More then twenty million Soviet people were killed. The Nazis
destroyed and burned about 2 thousand cities and 70 thousand villages.
We want peace, and the entire history of our proof of this.
All the honest people of the world choose peace, not war.
The students of our school help veterans of the war by house, honor them by
festivals and concerts, take part in peace marches and anty-war meetings.
We are going to give a concert for war-veterans on the 2nd of May and send money
to the Local Veterans’ Fund.
Do you celebrate Victory Day or Veterans Day in your country?
I hope to hear from you soon. Your Russian friend
I would like to tell you about some facts from the biography of Krotov Leonid
Matveevich, war veteran, who is under the care of our class 9 «А».
Leonid Matveevich was born on the 23rd of May 1921. He is 83 years already. He
was brave soldier and received 2 medals for military services and one order of Red
Banner. Here you can see his photos and the photos of the boys of our class, where
they chop wood for him and his family.
(Рассказывает у стенда).
Hello, my name is Artyom. I hate war and would like to sing a song «Victory Day».
I would show young people from other countries the slogan, which I have painted
myself and would say to them. People! Stop war collisions. We choose peace!
(Показывает свой рисунок).
And I with Ilya Rogov would recite a poem «My father» by Moissenko.
15. 16. 17
I and my classmate Ilya would like to sing a Russian song, popular during the war.
Misha will play the guitar. Music by Petrov. Words by Drunina «На кургане». Our
home-teacher T.N. help us.
T. Well our talk-show is going to the end. Thank you everybody. Let’s stand and
say all together: War no more!» We choose peace.
Day of Victory
Day of Victory! Oh, how far away it seemed!
Like a dying ember, hope once hardly gleamed.
Oh, that Day of Victory!
Cordite in the air.
Day of youthful,
Silver threads in golden hair.
Day of beauty,
Tears of joy gleamed everywhere.
Day of Victory
Day of Victory!
Day of Victory!
My Wish.
By Alim Keshokov.
Translated by Peter Tempest.
Pease to you, people!
Under your feet
May Earth never shudder
Like a ship at sea.
Pease to you, people!
May never the show
Catastrophically boiling
You fields over flow.
Pease to you, people!
May fire in you breast
Burn bright and steady
But never your home molest.
May your lives be brimful
Of good things, I pray
Your tomorrow be better
Than yesterday.