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Я сегодня сбилась с ног

«Я сегодня сбилась с ног...» (Сочинение на Английском языке)
I'm off my feet today — I have a missing puppy. I 've been calling him for two
hours, I waited for him for two hours, I didn 't sit down for lessons and I couldn't
have lunch. This morning Very Early The puppy jumped off the sofa, He began to
walk around the rooms, Jump, Bark, Wake everyone up. He saw the blanket —
There was nothing to be covered with. He looked into the pantry — I turned the
jug over with honey. He tore up the poems from Dad, fell to the floor from the
stairs, I got into the glue with my front paw, barely got out and disappeared…
Maybe it was stolen, they were taken away on a rope, the new name was called,
Guard the house Forced? Maybe he's in the dense forest Prickly is sitting under a
bush, got lost, looking for a home, getting wet, poor, in the rain? I didn't know
what to do. The mother said: — Let's wait.... I grieved for two hours, I haven 't
picked up any books, I didn't draw anything, I just sat there and waited. All of a
sudden Some kind of scary beast Opens the door with his paw, Jumps over the
threshold… Who is it? My puppy. What happened, if immediately Didn't I
recognize the puppy? The nose is swollen, the eyes are not visible, the cheek is
distorted, And, digging in like a needle, A bee buzzes on the tail. The mother said,
"Close the door!" A swarm of bees is flying towards us. — All wrapped up, in bed
My puppy is lying flat and wags barely A bandaged tail. I don't run to the doctor
— I'm treating him myself.