Загрузил Виктор Русев


Viktor Kugaevskikh
Russia Agarak, Molodezhnaya
street, D4/1
E-Mail: rusevviktor1@gmail.com
28 November, 2019
Prof. D.
Director of undergraduate Department
national research Tomsk Polytechnic University
Tomsk, Lenin Avenue, 30
Dear sir
I am Victor Kugaevskikh, 19 years old, a last year student of agrotechnological
College. I'm training to be an electrician. A list of my courses and grades is attached.
I will graduate from College in the summer of 2020 and I want to apply for admission
as a student in your Department. I would like to start training in the fall semester of
Please send me the application form and other documents required to apply. I would
be grateful for any additional information (financial assistance, hostel availability).
Sincerely yours Viktor Kugaevskikh
Viktor Kugaevskikh