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Course title
Founders of the Ancient World
Course code
Credit points
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Total Contact Hours
Number of hours for lectures
Course developers
Andris Kupšāns
Course abstract
The course studies interaction of remarkable personalities, separate referent groups and political trends of ancient world in history
process. The course promotes reflection of life of remarkable people, their role in both definite events and history process in general.
The aim of the course - to form steady percept of the most remarkable persons of ancient world, their place and role in history
Tasks of the course:
- to foster improvement students' knowledge of remarkable personalities, separate referent groups and political trends of ancient
- to promote students' interest in independent research of significant and captivating past events.
- to develop students' erudition, creating wider base of knowledge, offering additional material for possible further professional
Learning outcomes
Knowledge - systematized percept of the most remarkable persons of ancient world, their place and role in history process.
Students, having acquired study course
• are able to identify, analyse and evaluate role of personality in history,
• possess skills to formulate and analytically explain problems in relationship between individual and society,
• are able to independently improve one's professional competence by gathering and summarizing materials of remarkable
personalities of ancient world.
Course plan
Course structure - 16 h.
Themes of lectures:
1. Theme. Imhotep. Ramzes II.
2. Theme. Alcibiades.
3. Theme. Pericles.
4. Theme. Alexander of Macedon.
5. Theme. Political life in the Roman Republic at the end of the 1st century BC. Sulla and optimates. Gaius Marius and populares.
6. Theme. Roman Republic in 70 - 60 BC. Marcus Crassus. Marcus Tullius Cicero. Catilinarian Conspiracy.
7. Theme. Gnaeus Pompeius. Gaius Julius Caesar. The First Triumvirate. Caesar's dictatorship.
8. Theme. Octavian Augustus. The Second Triumvirate. Rome and Egypt.
Julio-Claudian dynasty. Claudius. Caligula. Tiberius. Nero.
Students’ independent work:
Work in library, literature analysis, preparation of paper.
Requirements for awarding credit points
The final grade (differentiated test) consists of mark, received for defence of paper on a theme related to any definite remarkable past
personality, chosen after consultation with academic staff, (50%) and assessment of answers to test questions.
Compulsory reading
1. http://www.selket.de/kleopatra.htm
2. http://vroma.rhodes.edu/%7Ebmcmanus/caesar.html
3. Kebric, Robert B. Roman People. Mountain View: Mayfield, 1993.
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Further reading
1. Alexandre le Grand par P.Briant.- Paris, 1974.
2. Droien F.G. Geschichte Alexanders des Groen.- Leipzig, 1941.
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Periodicals and other sources
2. Discovery: Pyramids, Mummies & Tombs - The Pyramid Builders, 2008, Discovery Channel, 45 min.(dvd)
4.Вестник древней истории
5.Вопросы истории
6.История и филология стран Ближнего Востока
ABSP "History" (history) Part B.
Course content
The most significant statesmen in Ancient Orient. Ancient Greek geniuses. Ancient Roman politicians.