CURRICULUM VITAE Prof. Dr. Sergey S. Horujy

Prof. Dr. Sergey S. Horujy
Born 5.10.1941 in Skopin, former USSR
Theologian, philosopher, mathematician, theoretical physicist.
- Ph.D. degree in Physics.
- M.A. degree in Physics. The Department of Physics, Moscow State University.
- Head (Director), Institute of Synergetic Anthropology
- Professor of Mathematical Physics, Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian
Academy of Sciences (till June 2006).
- Professor of Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of
- Honorary Professor of UNESCO (the Chair of Comparative Studies of Religious
Philosophy and Theology.*
Russian Religious Philosophy.
Literary criticism. James Joyce’s works.
Theoretical Physics and Mathematics
- Editor of works of Florensky, Bulgakov, Karsavin.
- Head or member of the Commissions for Philosophical Legacy of Florensky,
Karsavin, and Losev.
- Scientific editor of the anthropological annual Chelovek.RU (Novosibirsk, Russia)
- Member of the Editorial Board of Bogoslovskie Trudy (Theological Works), the
journal published by the Theological Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church
- Member of the Editorial Board of Symbol, the international journal of Christian
culture (Paris – Moscow)
- Member of the Editorial Board of Khristianskaya Mysl’, the international journal of
Christian thought (Kiev, Ukraine)
- Member of the Editorial Board of the journals World Philosophy (Beijing, China)
and Seeking Truth (Harbin, China)
- In 1993 has organized the Department of Synergetic Anthropology in the Institute
of Human Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Its work developed into an
interdisciplinary school, studying philosophical, theological and psychological
problems of ascetical and mystical Practices of the Self
- In 1996 the interdisciplinary research school founded and headed by S.Horujy has
been officially included into the list of Leading Scientific Schools of Russia
- In 2005 has organized the Institute of Synergetic Anthropology (Autonomous
Nonprofit Organization)
- The translator of James Joyce’s novel Ulysses into Russian and author of a book on
Joyce and works in modern literary criticism.
In areas of Philosophy and Theology – 11 books and about 200 articles.
In areas of Physics and Mathematics – 2 books and about 70 articles.
In literary criticism – 1 book and about 30 articles.
Many philosophical and physico-mathematical works are translated into English and
other languages, including Serbian, Hungarian, Chinese and Korean.
- Диптих безмолвия. Аскетическое учение о человеке в богословском и
философском освещении. Москва, 1991. Серб.пер.: Београд, 2002.
- После перерыва. Пути русской философии. С.-Петербург, 1994.
- Синергия. Проблемы аскетики и мистики Православия. Москва, 1995.
- К феноменологии аскезы. Москва, 1998.
- Философия и аскеза. Edwin Mellen Eds., Lewiston, NY, 1999.
- Миросозерцание Флоренского. Tомск,1999.
- О старом и новом. С.-Петербург, 2000.
- Исихазм. Аннотированная библиография. Москва, 2004.
- Опыты из русской духовной традиции. Москва, 2005
- Очерки синергийной антропологии. Москва, 2005
- Феномен русского старчества. Примеры из духовной практики старцев.
Москва, 2006
- Фонарь Диогена. Критическая ретроспектива европейской антропологии.
Москва, 2010
Tel. – +7903- 533-2594 (cell)
E-mail: [email protected]
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* The work in Philosophy and Theology was underground until the fall of the
communist regime.