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TO tell the truth firstly i want to say thanks to my
Allah for arriving my final assissment test. So to be
honestly before coming to university my level was
A2 because I had only grammar skills. When I was
applicant I only was learning grammar skills for
entrance test that is why my level was not good
enough. But after coming so entering university my
level is improving day by day. So now I can speak
well enough. We have a lot different subjects at
university which can help us for improving ourselves.
So we have a TKI subject which can help us to
imrove our language independently so it began in
September. So in this lesson we are given such kind
of project works every month and they really help
us our imprivements. So I will tell you fully about all
project works which was done by me. So our first
project work was about ‘’A book of famous person’’
and for helping this ,my writing was improved. I
wrote a book about my most favourite and
respectful person. And I took whole information
about him abd a gathered them in a one book and I
got high score for my first work. So the second one
was about making a video and learn our ‘’National
Identity’’ I and my groupmate made a video about
our historical places we spent our one whole day
for learning and making some kind of video it really
helped us to improve our speaking memorisable
ability. And also we got high point and good
comments from our teacher.so our next step was
about to show how to prepare a meal and speak
only English and this theme is belong to our health
theme. So our next for last project for this year will
be about fairytales and we should moderinize one
fairy tale. And we should act them and we should
present them in writing form also.
So telling the truth achiving this high score we faced
a lot difficulties. We had some problems for
working as team because at the beginning we could
not understand each other because everybody is
different and wants different things. But during our
works and preparings we were able to learn how to
work as a team and now we can easily get on well
with each other and can work perfect way. So this
course not only help us to improve our language
but also taught us how to get on well with team
workers and how to communicate with pairs and
students. So apart from this my learning style also
changed and now I can easily tell you that im
independent learner. So it really helped me. At the
end of my points I wanna tell you that thanks to you
all my teachers and my courses because of you im
improving now.