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Famous people план конспект

Сhecking hometask
T:At home you had to prepare a short paragraph about your friend(Ex.8 p.59), let’s check it.
1ый слайд.
Look at the blackboard please. Do you know these people? Who are they?
- That’s right. Today we’ll speak about famous people.
T: Now let’s write down the date and our topic into our exercise- books
(учащиеся записывают число, тему урока)
2 слайд.
-Attention please! The first celebrity. Look at him. Who is it? (Egor Kreed) That’s right it’s a famous
Russian singer EK.
-What his songs do you know?
Let’s describe him. Я буду задавать вопросы каждой команде по очереди.
За правильные ответы вы получите баллы.
-Is he tall?
-Has he got blond hair?
-Is he fat?
- Has he got a big nose?
-Has he got blue eyes?
-Has he got a big mouth?
3 и 4 слайд.
- Now open your books on page 60, look at the ex.1
Look at this person, please. Who is it? (It’s a famous pop star Shakira)
What does she look like? ( She is young, she is beautiful, she is of medium height, slim and she’s got
blond hair, brown eyes and a big mouth).
5 слайд.
Задание – найти информацию в тексте упр.1 и заполнить резюме.
Read the article and complete the profile.
6 слайд. Ключи
7 слайд.
Игра-расспрос о кумире
Attention! It’s your new task. Think of a famous character in your country. The class ask yes/no
questions to guess who the person is. Каждая команда загадывает имя знаменитости и записывает
его, не показывая соперникам (3 имени). Команды выбирают капитанов, которые, (после
коллективного согласования) отвечают на вопросы друг друга. За каждый правильный ответ – 1
VII Развитие навыков аудирования
-And now we’ll listen. Open your books on Ex5 p60 - Well, listen and match the people to their hobbies.
Translate the task.
Read names and hobbies (читают про себя)
Ann’s hobby is … .