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Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues
What are Environmental Issues?
Environmental issues are harmful effects of human
activity on the biophysical environment.
Which includes factors such as:
Water Pollution
Air Pollution
Climate Change
Now let’s take a more in-depth look at all
these factors/issues.
Water Pollution
Marine debris, also known as
marine litter, is humancreated waste that has
deliberately or accidentally
been released in a sea or
Water Pollution is a huge concern for us and our
environment. Not only is polluted water a huge
financial strain but is also killing both humans and
marine life. With oil spills, an abundance of plastic
waste and toxic chemicals entering our waterways,
we’re damaging the most valuable resource our
planet has to offer.
Chemical pollution, Is The most
common type of water pollution,
chemicals can infiltrate both
underground water sources
and those sitting on the
Earth’s surface.
By educating people on the causes and
effects of water pollution, we can work
together to undo the damage humans have
caused. Laws also need to change to make
pollution tougher, consistently across national
Deforestation is the clearing, destroying, or
otherwise removal of trees through
deliberate, natural, or accidental means.
It can occur in any area densely populated
by trees and other plant life, but the majority
of it is currently happening in the Amazon
Environmental Effects of Deforestation.
1. Loss of Habitat
One of the most dangerous effects of
deforestation is the loss of animal and plant
species due to their loss of habitat.
2. Increased Greenhouse Gases
Lack of trees also allows a great amount of
greenhouse gases to be released into the
atmosphere. Healthy forests absorb carbon
dioxide from the atmosphere, acting as valuable
carbon sinks. Deforested areas lose that ability
and release more carbon.
3.Water in the Atmosphere
The trees also help control the level of water in the
atmosphere by helping to cycle. In deforested
areas, there is less water in the air to be returned
to the soil. This then causes dryer soil and the
inability to grow crops.
Air Pollution
Air pollution is the
presence of substances
in the atmosphere that
are harmful to
the health of humans an
d other living beings, or
cause damage to the
climate or to materials.
The constant pollution of the air has very negative effects on nature and on
human health. And as of 2019 those long-term and medium-term effects have
become problems that are difficult to solve.
For example:
1. Global Warming
2. Climate Change
3. Acid Rain
4. Smog effect
5. Deterioration of fields
6. Extinction of animal species
7 .Respiratory health problems
8. Deterioration in building materials
9. Chemical Sensitivity
10. Skin Damage
All those important effects can increase if their causes are not rapidly acted
upon. Most of them are the result of very intense, polluting and uncontrolled
industrial activity.
Biodiversity is the most complex and vital feature of our
planet. It is essentially every living thing and ecosystem
that makes up the environment. From the tallest giraffe
to the smallest microorganism, everything plays an
important role in the maintenance of our world.
But with the increase in global warming, pollution
and deforestation, biodiversity is in danger. Billions
of species are going or have gone extinct all over
the world. Some scientists, in fact, are suggesting
that we are in the beginning of a 6th mass
extinction, posing issues for our planet and
Climate Change
The rise in global sea levels is
shrinking our land, causing
mass floods and freak
weather incidents across the
world. If we continue as we
are, the world will suffer
Saying no to driving more will reduce your
carbon footprint, as will switching off electrical
items when they’re not in use. More
importantly, we need to educate the world on
the effects and severity of global warming,
before it’s too late.
Climate change refers to any
significant change in the measures
of climate lasting for an extended period
of time. In other words, climate
change includes major changes in
temperature, precipitation, or wind
patterns, among other effects, that
occur over several decades or longer.
Greenhouses gases are the main cause
of climate change, trapping in the sun’s
heat and warming the surface of the
Some solutions for environmental issues
1. Replace disposal items with reusable items.
2. Excessive use of paper should be avoided.
3. Conserve water and electricity.
4. Support environmental friendly practices.
5. Recycle the waste to conserve natural resources.
In my opinion environmental issues are
issues that should not be taken lightly.
They are a slowly impending threat to
humanity and should be taken into
consideration more.
I believe that we as humans should do as
much as we can to protect our planet Earth