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ДЗ10Б (1)

1)Water is very important for life on Earth. 1)
2)One of the most urgent problems of today’s life is pollution and especially water pollution..
3). Seas, oceans, rivers and lakes have become a place into which factories pour poisonous chemicals and waste.
4) After that water becomes polluted and dangerous to live in.
5)Millions of plants and fish die; animals leave their usual places of living as they have no
water to drink.
6)The same problem arises among people.
7) Now more and more ecological organizations appear that try to struggle for pure water. They
make protests against big factories that pollute rivers, seas and lakes.
8What can we do to prevent water pollution?
9First of all, we should never throw rubbish anywhere and try to find a rubbish bin and also use
water wisely
10We should care about our planet and try to improve the situation, not to make the things