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Pronouncing -s endings
Using of -s (or -es) endings:
● in plural nouns (gloves, phones, dogs)
● in verbs (phones, does)
● in possessives (Maria’s, Anna’s)
● in the contractions of is and has (The films started)
If the previous word ends with any of these sounds: /s/ /z/ /ʃ/ /ʒ/ /tʃ/ /ʤ/ the sound of the 's'
ending will be /ɪz/:
watch - watches
miss - misses
finish - finishes
Pronouncing past tenses
To make a past tense of a regular verb, you add the ending​-ed:
Look - looked
Watch - watched
Claim - claimed
or ​-d​if there is already a letter e at the and of the infinitive:
Like - liked
Love - loved
Hate - hated
When the next word starts ​with a consonant​we don’t hear the -ed ending clearly:
I live(d) near the park.
I look(ed) there.