Задание к зачёту. 2 семестр

Лексико-грамматический тест.
Примерный вариант
1. If it is going to rain, the clouds are … .
a) heavy b) light c) hard d) flat
2. She … … me.
a) didn’t noticed b) didn’t notice c) did notice d) did noticed
3. In the word “walked” “-ed” is pronounced as … .
a) [d] b) [t] c) [id] d) [it]
4. In the word “turned” “-ed” is pronounced as … .
a) [d] b) [t] c) [id] d) [it]
5. If I go to another country, I go … .
a) travel b) foreign c) abroad d) home
6. If I give up smoking, I … it.
a) continue b) enjoy c) stop d) want
7. Accommodation is … .
a) package tour b) living in a place c) trip d) tourism
8. The article was … in a magazine.
a) printed b) typed c) published d) copied
9. Who … traveler’s cheques?
a) did introduced b) introduced c) did introduce d) introduce
10. In Britain the police don’t … guns.
a) carry b) hold c) take d) shoot
11. When … the first package trip?
a) did b) was c) does d) is
12. When you travel you don’t take a lot of … with.
a) tickets b) fare c) luggage d) suitcase
13. The money you pay for traveling by bus is … .
a) ticket b) fare c) boarding pars d) reservation
14. When you leave the hotel you … .
a) check in b) pay the bill c) check out d) check the bill
15. It’s my … daughter.
a) uncles’ b) uncle’ c) uncle’s d) uncles
16. The … clothes are so dirty.
a) childrens’ b) children’s c) childrens d) children
17. When you talk you … .
a) discuss b) chat c) speak d) say
18. It’s … to walk at night in the street.
a) safe b) boring c) interesting d) dangerous
19. In case of … put on your safety belts.
a) emergency b) entertainment c) safety d) traffic
20. A rush horn is when there is a lot of … .
a) traffic b) noise c) siren d) entertainment
2. Монологическое
характера и ответы на вопросы преподавателя.
Примерные вопросы для собеседования:
1. Speak about the places you have been to.
2. What famous sights can you speak about?
3. What are your plans for the future?
4. What’s the weather like today? What weather conditions do you prefer?
5. Speak about the town you live in. Would you like to move?
6. Which customs and tradition of different countries can you speak about?
7. What is the latest film you have seen? Speak about it.
8. Why do people need museums?
9. Have you ever been to an art gallery? What is your opinion of the visit?
10. Speak about any theatrical performance.