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Resume Serhii Kralia

Serhii Kralia
2, 2nd Taganskiy Lane, flat 3
Kharkiv 61067, Ukraine
e-mail: kraliaserg@gmail.com
Personal data
Day of birth: 08 March 1985
Marital status: married
The practical application of acquired knowledge, obtaining professional experience with the prospect of career
growth. Development of working skills.
Education and Qualifications
09.2002 - 06.2005
Zhytomyr College of Culture and Art after the name of I.Ogienko, Ukraine
Speciality: choreography teacher
Qualification: Junior Specialist
09.1992 -05.2002
Secondary School #6, Novograd-Volynskyi, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine
Work experience
March 2015 - Present
Position: millwright at height/ welder
“Teplo Plus” industrial climbing company, Kharkiv Ukraine
Responsibilities: preparing sandblasting machines for work with metal at height, maintaining, testing and
troubleshooting sandblasting machines if needed. Supervise other team millwrights while working this
sandblasting machines. Installation and welding of metal structures and elements at height using specialized
equipment, reading drawings, set up components for welding, weld components using manual or semiautomatic welding equipment in various positions (vertical, horizontal or overhead), test and inspect welded
surfaces and structure to discover flaws, supervise other team welders.
October 2012- March 2015
Position: metal furniture painter
“Tandem” Ltd. manufacture of furniture, Kharkiv Ukraine.
Responsibility: prepare and inspect surfaces of metal parts of furniture, painting the details by electrostatic and
tribostatic paint gun, diagnosing equipment and pain gun problems and fixing them, paint product/parts using,
spray gun and other applicator and high and low pressure equipment, work on paint line.
April 2009 – 2015 March
Position: tower climber
Season piecework in industrial climbing companies, Kharkiv Ukraine
Responsibility: installation and dismantling, diagnostics and repair of parts of building facades, metal
structures such as towers, cooling towers, high production pipes, as well as repair of facades of private
buildings and low stored buildings, welding metal elements and painting the surfaces of the walls at height.
Driver’s license (in progress)
Computer and Internet advanced user.
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian – native, English –Pre-Intermediate.
Extensive knowledge and skills of work at height with machines and equipment, welding and painting of metal
Interests and Activities
Reading books, wood and metal craft, 3d drawing, climbing, computers and programs, recreations with family.
Personal characteristics
Sociable, responsible, industrious, easily meet challenges, optimistic, teamwork skills, fast learning, selfeducating, analytical mind.
References available upon request