Theatre 2

Complete the sentences using the
1. Sir Laurence Olivier wouldn’t have become world famous and wouldn’t attract the best
critics’ attention, if ... (artistic achievement,
difficult film productions)
2. He wouldn’t manage to keep the public gripped, if ... (to rely on rhythm, that is...)
3. If he didn’t want public to respond (to change from minute to minute)
4. He wouldn’t be regarded as a distinguished actor, if he hadn’t some special qualities
(vision, understanding)
5. If identification with a role, a complete transportation into a character were not a “must”
for Olivier, he ... (to agitate one’s soul, to respond)
6. If he couldn’t imagine the entire man, the whole mind of the character, he ... (to create
unforgettable images)
7. If the actor didn’t use unexpected modulation of the voice, using particular but natural
gestures, he ... (to display the personage vividly)
8. The actor wouldn’t make us feel what is happening under the surface, if … (to take on the
essence of the character)
9. But for his ability to identify with a role, the actor ... (to take on the core of the character).
Complete the sentences:
Sir Laurence Olivier is world-famous for...
2. He directed stage and film productions that...
3. He relies greatly on rhythm - that is ...
4. He is constantly changing, because ...
5. Olivier is sure that...
6. He is regarded as a distinguished actor, as he has qualities that...
7. There is a “must” Olivier sticks to, it’s...
8. He supposes that if an actor wants to excite people, he ...
9. Due to his own particular approach Olivier has created ...
10. The most difficult task for an actor is ...
11. The key to Olivier’s magic is ...
Answer the questions:
1. Why does the work of Olivier attract the best critics’ attention?
2. What does the word “rhythm” mean for the actor?
3. What is the main idea of Olivier’s constant changing?
4. What are the qualities that widen our vision and add to our understanding of the world?
5. Why is identification with a role so important for Olivier?
6. Would Olivier be interested in psychology if he were not an actor?
7. What is important for him to create a plausible image?
8. What is the most difficult task for an actor?
9. What is the key to Olivier’s magic?
10. What unforgettable characters did the actor create on the stage?
Complete the sentences using
from the list below. Mind the tense
and the mood used here:
Complete the sentences using appropriate
word-combinations from the list below. Mind
the tense and the mood used here:
to provide an essential clue to the character; to evoke the atmosphere of the
dramatic event; to strengthen a production; to transform the American stage;
to win unanimous praise and world-wide glory; to introduce settings,
creating gloomy and oppressive atmosphere; to use one’s gift to create
unforgettable images; to be of great educational value
1. The acting of the mature performer would arouse admiration, if…
2. The new original interpretation of the classical play would…, if…
3. The critics would have called the playwright a master of psychological
analysis, if…
4. If the problems, tackled in the play, were up-to-date, …
5. If not for the sound effects…
6. The old ballet dancer wished … .
7. The spectators wouldn’t have considered the whole thing dragged out, if…
8. The marvelous performance by a celebrated foreign company would … if…
9. The performance would raise the young actor from the position of a beginner
to the position of a star, if …
10. If the director didn’t refuse to stage the play, thinking it to be a bore, …
11. If not for the brilliantly elaborated intrigue ...
12. The head master of an old fashioned, repertory theatre wished…
Complete the sentences, using the
1. The actor wouldn’t have captivated the public…
2. But for the supreme feeling of the dramatic truth the designer...
3. The director’s idea was...
4. Why not intensify the total effect of the show...
5. If not for artificial rhetorical style...
6. If the playwright had followed the advice of the narrow-minded
critics, sticking to the classical tendency in art...
7. The performer of the male lead wouldn’t make hit with the public...
8. If the problems touched on in the play weren’t so evergreen...
sentences, using the active
1. The old retired actor is in the habit of sitting at the fireplace and
remembering the time of his being in the prime of his talent.
2. I saw the show by the company long time ago but it is still burning in my
3. Laurence Olivier said, that the most important actor’s skill is to keep the
audience awake.
4. Helen refused to join the company, as she hated the idea to be on tour very
5. Hank was greatly disappointed, understanding that the play appeared
to be a bore.
6. His problem was to learn to identify with a role.
7. She looked off-colour, performing her small part, as she didn’t
know how to behave on the stage.
8. The elaborate scenery strengthened the play.
9.It is of vital importance not only to play your part brilliantly and
resourcefully, but to live the life of your character.
Translate from Russian into
1. Если бы Алиса не закончила школу хореографии, она бы не обладала такими
богатыми знаниями танцевальной техники.
2. Актеру удалось сыграть роль в оригинальной интерпретации.
Если бы не его талант, то премьера не вызвала бы такое огромное количество статей с
единодушными похвалами.
3. Пьеса, будучи слишком неоригинальной, провалилась. Драматургу очень хотелось
стать мастером психологического анализа и знать, как создавать неповторимые
4. Если бы начинающий актер знал, как можно вжиться в образ, он бы так живо и
естественно сыграл роль, что каждый зритель смотрел бы пьесу, затаив дыхание.
5. Драматургу хотелось, чтобы его пьеса тронула зрителей до слез.
6. Я бы хотела, чтобы пьеса, которую мы собираемся смотреть, была полна
юмора, и произвела на меня незабываемое впечатление.
7. Хотя театралы Нижнего Новгорода известны как благодарные зрители,
пьеса никак не затронула их.
8. Исполнительница главной роли не справилась с ролью. Если бы не её
отвратительная игра, пьеса бы произвела незабываемое впечатление на
9. Новая постановка классической пьесы потрясла зрителей. Каждый театрал страстно
желал, чтобы актеры выходили на сцену под бурю аплодисментов своих поклонников.
10. Если бы актер знал, что эта роль сделает его знаменитостью, он бы постарался
сделать все возможное, чтобы вжиться в образ.
11. Если бы игра актеров не была такой невыразительной, то зрители бы оценили
мастерство драматурга и встретили бы исполнителей бурей аплодисментов по
окончании представления.
12. Если бы я знал, что наш поход в театр окажется пустым времяпрепровождением, я
бы не стал заказывать билеты в театр заранее.