Глагол и предлог

Глагол и предлог
Выберите предлоги и вставьте их, если это необходимо, вместо точек.
1. Let’s hope … the best, dear!
a) to b) for c) in
2. He insisted … visiting Jane.
a) to b)on c) in
3. It depends … you only.
a) to b)on c) in
4. Look … the blackboard and answer the questions.
a) on b) to c) at
5. Is it the book you are looking …?
a)on b) for c)to
6. I’m waiting … you Tom.
a) for b) to c)7. John, I’m gong to ask … help.
a)for b) to c) in
8. Listen … the song. It’s rally beautiful.
a)for b)to c)at
9. Don’t take this bag! It belongs… Jane.
a)to b)for c)10. I didn’t understand anything last time. Could you explain it … me once
a)to b)for c) –
11. I care … you so much, dear!
a) to b)for c)Укажите предлог, которым можно заполнить пропуск.
1. There is a nice lamp …the table.
a) between b) over
c) into
2. I have found your ball, Jack. It is …the sofa.
a)between b) over
3. Your present is … you. Take it!
a) between, b)in front of c) over
4. I looked the article … and couldn’t say that it was interesting.
a) between b)over
5. I looked … and saw a beautiful flower in the grass.
a)up b) over
6. The lesson is over. Put your things … your bags. Thank you. You may b free.
b) down c) in
7. She went … the house to admire the beauty of the sunset.
a) out of
b)out c)over
8. Could you wait a little? John will soon come…his office.
a)out of
b) from
c) in
9. –Where is Tom? I can’t find him.
- He is standing … you, sir.
a) between b)under
c) behind
10. Look! John is climbing … the hill.