План – конспект урока по английскому языку для 6 класса... «Еда и напитки в Великобритании»

План – конспект урока по английскому языку для 6 класса по теме
«Еда и напитки в Великобритании»
Тема урока : « Еда и напитки в Великобритании».
Тип урока : урок обобщения и систематизации знаний.
Развивающий аспект – развитие самостоятельности, креативности,
Учебный аспект – совершенствование навыков диалогической и
монологической речи, а также навыков аудирования.
Воспитательный аспект – формирование потребности и способности
понимать чужую точку зрения, выражать своѐ мнение по поводу
правильного, здорового питания.
Место урока в цикле: урок – обобщения, завершает тему « Еда и
Аспекты языка : лексика – названия продуктов питания.
Грамматика: исчисляемые и неисчисляемые существительные
Виды речевой деятельности: говорение, аудирование.
Режим работы: фронтальный, в парах, групповой.
Дидактический материал к уроку .
лексики по теме «Продукты питания».
команд и жюри для проведения лексических игр.
й по подтеме « Еда и места
общественного питания в Лондоне».
— эпиграф к уроку с изображением яблока и текстом
пословицы «The apple a day keeps the doctor away» .
— «Eat well, feel great, look great !»
Ход урока .
1. Организационный момент и речевая разминка.
-- Good morning, girls and boys!
- Glad to see you. (We are glad to see you, too.)
- How are you all today? (We are fine, thank you. How are you?)
-I’m fine, thanks.
-Беседа о погоде, о хобби, дети называют число и день недели.
-Do you remember the English proverb about health? Say it together,
please. «Good health is above wealth».
-What Russian equivalent can you give? (Доброе здоровье дороже
-That’s right. Do you remember the proverb you learnt yesterday? Say it
(An apple a day keeps the doctor away.)
-Well done.
2. Cообщение целей урока.
- We are going to play different games.
- We will speak about places to eat in London.
-We are going to talk about our food and drinks.
3.Активизация лексики в речи.
1) Игра «Передай другому».
Повторение лексики в режиме T------ P1-- P2 -- P3 …
(Учитель объявляет тему и дает муляж яблока первому ученику.
Ученики, передавая муляж друг другу, называют продукты; учитель прерывая
цепочку, меняет тему и игра продолжается).
- Fruit : an apple, a pear, a lemon, an orange, a melon, a banana, a plum;
-Vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, onions, garlics, cabbage;
-Products : milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, ice-cream;
2) «Давайте поиграем!» Let’s play with a ball! T ----- P1, P2, P3 ….
(Учитель бросает мяч ученику и называет слово, ученик переводит и
возвращает мяч)
Соль, сахар, перец, чай, сок;
Olive oil, honey, cake, fish, meat;
Горький, соленый, сладкий, кислый, острый;
A fork, a spoon, a knife, a plate, a cup, a bowl;
3) «Cловарный футбол» «The word football» Team 1 --- Team 2
(раздать личные номера игрокам и символы команд;
команда 3 --- жюри --- оценивают ответы игроков Т1 и Т2)
Team 1: P1 – a glass of milk ---------- Team 2: P1-- стакан молока
Team 2: P2 – a loaf of bread ---------- Team 1: P2 – булка хлеба
Team 1: P3 – a jar of hone ----------Team 2: P –банка меду
Team 2: P4 – a piece of cake --------- Team 1: P4 – кусок торта
Team 1: P5 – a bottle of water ------- Team 2: P5 – бутылка воды и т.д.
(a cup of tea; a bowl of cereal; a bar of chocolate; a plate of soap; a packet of
biscuit; a dish of fish;)
Жюри подводит итоги игры: The winner is the first (second) team.
3. Развитие монологической речи.
Eating the British way and places to eat in the UK.
-Do you like meat pies, P1?
- What is your favorite main course, P2?
- Would you like a cup of tea, P3?
- What can you tell us about British food and places to eat in the UK?
Sandwich bars.
Most people in the UK work in offices. They don’t have time to make their
own lunch. This is why sandwich bars are so popular. In a sandwich bar you can buy
sandwiches, pastries, cakes, soft drinks, juice and coffee. Then, you may choose to
eat your lunch there, or take it back to work.
British people go to restaurants on special occasions like birthdays and
anniversaries, or on business meetings. People like to visit all sorts of restaurants.
Indian, Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisine, are all very popular. British food is
very tasty as well. The dishes usually include fresh meat or fish with vegetables.
Fish & chips shop.
Fish and chips are England’s traditional take-away food. They serve fried fish
covered in butter with fried potatoes. People like to add salt and vinegar, peas,
tomato ketchup or curry sauce. There are thousands of fish and chip shops all over
Britain. Locals and tourists all love to visit them.
Pie & Mash shops.
Pie and mash is one of Britain’s most traditional dishes! It is exactly what it
says: meat pies with mashed potato in herb sauce. The first pie and mash shop dates
back two hundred years. Today, pie and mash shops are very simple and cheap
places to eat.
4. Аудирование .
Реклама итальянского ресторана (учащиеся прослушивают текст
- Listen to the text and answer the following questions:
1) What kind of restaurant is it?
2) Where is it located?
3) What is the telephone number for reservations call?
If you enjoy fine Italian food, come to Angelo’s! Located on 65 Clarendon
Street, in the heart of Newton, Angelo’s is the place to go for authentic, tasty
Italian food at reasonable prices in a beautiful 4 -star environment. Enjoy live
piano music while you eat. We serve over a hundred dishes, including a large variety
of healthy and vegetarian meals. We have the best prices in town, and two people
can eat from as little as 45. If you’re organizing a company party, Angelo’s is a great
choice – we have special deals. For reservations please call 678 4085. Angelo’s: a
little bit of Italy in the centre of Newton.
5.Развитие диалогической речи.
- Let’s have the role play. “Booking a table at a restaurant.”
a) -Make a phone call to reserve a table. In pairs, take the roles of a customer
and a waiter and act out the dialogue.
Customer: Hello, I’d like to book a table, please.
Host: Certainly. When would you like it for?
Customer: For Thursday evening, at 7: 00 pm
Host: Thursday evening, April 25. For how many people?
Customer: We’ll be two.
Host: Certainly, sir. What name should I book it under?
Customer: Stephens. That is S-T-E-P-H-E-N-S.
Host: Stephens, right. Could I also have a contact number?
Customer: Sure, it’s 9279907002.
Host: So that’s a table for four for Thursday evening, April 25th at seven.
Thank you, Mr Stephens.
Customer: You’re welcome.
b) -Act out the dialogue: “I invite you to lunch.”
Pupil 1: Thanks for inviting me to lunch.
Pupil 2: You’re welcome. Oh, I love this place.
Pupil 1: Me too. Where’s the menu? I’m really hungry.
Pupil 2: The waiter’s bringing it now, look!
Waiter: Here you are, sir.
Pupil 2: Thank you. Hmm, I want the roast beef.
Pupil 1: Really? But you usually have the spicy grilled chicken.
Pupil 2: Well, today I’m trying something else for a change.
What about you? Do you want the sirloin steak with creamed
mushrooms? You always enjoy that.
Pupil 1: No, I’m having the chef’s salad today. I’m on a diet.
Waiter: Are you ready to order, sir?
Pupil 2: Yes. We’d like the chef’s salad and the roast beef, please.
Waiter: Would you like anything to drink?
Pupil 2: Can I have a glass of mineral water, please?
Waiter: A glass of mineral water and a cola… Thankyou.
6. Описание плаката «Пищевая пирамида» и обсуждение ценности
-- Very good! But we all want to be healthy.
-- P1, do you want to be healthy?
- What foods can help us with that?
- Look at this food pyramid and answer the question:
- Which food type contains fibre (iron, vitamin, potassium, calcium,
protein) ?
a) P1: Bread and grains contain fibre, iron and vitamin B.
b) P2: Fruit and vegetables contain potassium and vitamins A, C and E.
c) P3: Dairy products contain calcium and vitamin D.
d) P4: Meat and fish contain magnesium and protein.
e) P5: We shouldn’t eat a lot of fats and oils but a little oil every day
(about five or six spoonfuls) is useful against heart disease.
3) -- Children, what can you tell me about our food?
-- What foods can help us to be healthy?
-- P1: Garlic prevents heart disease.
-- P2: Onion is good for our nervers.
-- P3: Milk strengthens our bones.
-- P4: Banana is good for our muscles.
-- P5: Carrots are good for our eyesight.
-- P6: A little oil every day is useful against heart disease.
4) T: Eat wisely. If you eat a balanced diet,you will feel great, look great, and
always be healthy!
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
Заключительный этап
- I think we’ll stop doing this now. You’ve all done that quite well. Don’t
forget to do the task in your work-books.
подведение итогов урока и оценивание работы учеников.