Тема: “Books in our life”

Государственное учреждение образования
Гимназия г.Пружаны
Конспект урока английского языка
в 6 классе
по теме «Books in our life»
Людмила Викторовна
стаж 32лет
2011 – 2012 учебный год
Тема: “Books in our life”.
Цель: Развитие навыков монологической речи, развитие навыков
аудирования, грамматических навыков.
Развивающая. Развивать воображение, логическое и критическое
Воспитательная. Формировать культуру чтения, интерес и любовь
учащихся к английской классической литературе.
Тип урока: Обобщающий.
Форма проведения урока: “Урок-путешествие”.
Оборудование и наглядность:
 портреты известных английских писателей
 аудиозапись
 раздаточный материал для групповой работы
 выставка книг английской классической литературы
 на отдельных листах – пословицы
Литература: Панова “Учебник английского языка для 8-го класса”.
Ход урока.
1. Оргмомент. Приветствие.(2мин)
T: Good afternoon, dear boys and girls, teachers and friends! Today, you are
going to have a very unusual lesson. You will travel to a wonderful land fool of
images, exciting adventures, spells, amusements and delights. You will meet
different characters from your favorite books, speak about your favorite books and
also become writers for a short time. I think that lesson will be interesting and you
will enjoy the journey. So, welcome to this fascinating and wonderful land!
A wise man sad, “Life without books is as the tree without lives”. How can
we understand this quotation?
P1: I think life without books looks as poor and unhappy as tree without
P2: I am sure, that if we don’t have books in our life it will be as boring and
gloomy as trees in autumn.
P3: When you open a book you go in to another world. Wonderful and
sometimes incredible heroes become our friends. Each books acts as magic wend
and help us to feel happy and cheerful when we are sad and gloomy.
P4: Each book is a magic world fool of knowledge and when you read a
book you receive lots of splendid and useful information about unknown things.
P5: …
T: I agree with you. Books teach to be kind, clever, polite, hardworking, and
friendly. Books enrich our experience. What kind of stories do you enjoy most?
Let us grow our “Book tree”. (5мин)
(На доске изображен ствол дерева с ветвями, но без листьев. На
листьях, которые прикрепляются по мере высказываний, написаны слова,
обозначающие литературные жанры).
P1: I am fond of fantasies and one of my favorite books is “The Lord of the
P2: Actually, I am fond of fantasies too, and also I like legends.
P3: I am fond of reading historical novels. I am interested in the history of
ancient countries and cities.
P4: …
T: Now, let us have a guessing game. Listen to the beginnings of different
kinds of story’s and try to guess what story it is and why you think so.
Tape script. (5мин)
It was a dark and foggy night. We drove and drove. At midnight,
just as we thought we were lost, we saw a light behind some trees.
As we got nearer, we could see a house. We knocked on the heavy
wooden door. It opened slowly. A tall man dressed in black stood
there. “Good evening, - he sad in a slow deep voice. – I have been
expected you.”
We were traveling through deep space at the speed of light.
Suddenly, the spaceship slow down and immediately the system
came in to view. A bright star with twenty or more planets. One of
this would be our new home, five light years from our own galaxy.
The man lay on the ground next to a white van. There was no
doubt. He was dead. I quickly looked in the pockets of his jacket –
some money and a theatre ticket with a Chicago phone number
writing on it.
T: Children, you can see here many books. Are they familiar to you? Have
you read them?
P1: Yes, I see the books that I have read: “Alice’s Adventure at
Wonderland” and “Gulliver’s Travels”.
P2: when I was small my favorite book was “The Prince and the Pauper”. I
have read it many times and seen the film.
P3: …
P4: …
T: During our journey you can meet not only the characters of different
books, but also some authors. Do you have your favorite authors? (7мин)
P1: Yes, of course. I adore Daniel Defoe, the author of “Robinson Crusoe”.
He is one of the best-known writers in England. Defoe wrote many books and
pamphlets of all sorts. He narrated adventures in a way that makes them easy to
P2: I am impressed by the world’s most famous detective story writer
Agatha Christie. She wrote 79 novels and several places. Detective stories attract
me because they are true to life. When I grow up I’ll become a detective.
P3: …
P4: …
T: I hope, friends you really love books and read them properly. It goes
without saying, of course, you know a lot of writers books, poems, stories and
fairy-tales. Now, let us work in groups. Next competition will help you to get the
answer to this question: “Who is who?” (5мин)
(Раздаются конверты с портретами писателей, в каждом по одному
портрету. В каждом конверте лежат отдельные карточки, на которых
написаны три имени писателей, три названия наиболее известных детских
книг, три наиболее популярных героя, карточка-каркас ответа: 1.The name of
the writer is … 2.His most famous books are … 3.Most popular characters of his
books are …)
T: Having head your answers we have come to the conclusion that you have
big libraries at home or you are regularly readers at our school library. But can you
guess while listening to the description what characters is it. You are to listen to
some short stories and guess what characters it is. Than prove with the help of card
that you are right. (7мин)
(Узнай героя по описанию. Каждая группа вытягивает одно имя
персонажа. Предлагается три карточки. Группы прослушивают в записи три
текста и определяют, какой из них подходит к их герою, и поднимают
карточку с номером 1,2,3.)
T: Great, really great! Never head or seen more wonderful. I know children
that you are good actors. Now, watch some episodes from books by famous
English writers. (3мин)
(Учащиеся представляют отрывки из известных книг английских
T: I am very pleased with your acting. But I don’t know if you are talented
narrators and writers. You like writing and narrating stories, don’t you? Look at the
pictures and read the words. Than use them to make up your own story. Can you
think of a suitable ending? (7мин)
P1: One day, last summer Paul was working through the forest caring his
guitar. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Suddenly, he saw a girl.
She waved at him and smile. She said: “Follow me.” Paul followed her to a
mysterious house. It had a red door and little windows and a lot of flowers around
it. Paul waited outside. Than he knocked at the door. Suddenly, he saw a girl
looking out of the window. She asked him to sing her a song. Paul obeyed the
strange request. In the meantime the girl disappeared. That’s why Paul felt lonely
and frightened. However he decided to go into the house. Downstairs found a
dungeon. A girl was sitting there. Paul saw a key hanging in the air. He tried to
catch it but it was not easy and he didn’t succeed. At last Paul caught it and opened
the dungeon. But in fact he didn’t find the girl here. He found a white pigeon.
P1: …
P2: …
(Проходит обсуждение и выбор лучшего и самого интересного
рассказа). (1мин)
T: Now, listen to the original story. Is it similar to your story?
Итоги урока: (1мин)
T: I think that you work hard at the lesson, so I shall give you …
Домашнее задание. (1мин)
Рефлексия. (1мин)
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