Открытый урок в 9 классе по теме “Healthy Life Style”

Открытый урок в 9 классе по теме “Healthy Life Style”.
Цель: формирование коммуникативной компетенции учащихся на основе изученных ЛЕ,
речевых и грамматических структур по теме”Health”и умения применять эти знания в
практической деятельности.
Задачи урока
1)активизировать ранее усвоенный материал по теме “Здоровье” в новых для
учащихся ситуациях;
2)совершенствовать навыки аудирования и чтения на основе аутентичных текстов.
1)развитие коммуникативных способностей учащихся по теме;
2)развитие способностей выделять главное и детальную информацию
прочитанного и услышанного;
3)анализировать, делать собственные выводы и отстаивать свою точку зрения;
4)умение выражать согласие и несогласие и давать совет.
1)воспитывать активную жизненную позицию;
2)ответственное отношение к своему здоровью;
3)негативное отношение к вредным привычкам
4)развивать культуру речи.
План урока:
1)формулирование темы, целей и этапов урока;
2)учебный разговор в режиме T-P1,P2,P3.
3) повторение лексических единиц по теме”Food”;
4)учебный разговор:”Basic types of food”.
5)чтение текста с извлечением детальной информации. Групповая работа.
6)выполнение упражнения по прочитанному тексту;
7)работа в парах:” В магазине”
8)повторение ЛЕ по теме “Health”;
9)учебный разговор в режимеT-P1,P2,P3.: “Bad Habits”;
10)аудирование текста ”Smoking”;
11)высказывания учащихся по прослушанному тексту.
12)высказывания учащихся по картине” Physical activity”
13)знакомство с песней;
14)подведение итогов урока.
Ход урока:
1)T:Today we are going to speak about healthy way of life. I think “Health” is a very
important topic today. I believe that “Every man is the builder of a temple called his body”. Have
a look at this picture. Do you want to look like this boy? Nobody does. That’s why at the end of
our lesson I want you to answer the question:”What shall I do to keep fit?”
1. What
does your health depend on?
I think it depends on…
I believe…
T:What do you think: ”What does our health depend on?’’
P1: I think our health depends on food we eat.
P2: It depends on our habits.
P3: It depends on sport.
T: You are right We’ll speak about different factors which influence our health.
3). T:First, we shall speak about food we eat. Let’s revise the words you’ve learned on this
Healthy diet
A balanced diet
high-fat food
low-fat food
fatty foods
cholesterol level
vitamins, minerals
You should eat less… because…
You should eat more… because…
You shouldn’t eat too much…because…
I agree with…
I don’t agree with… I
4)T: Eating the proper foods is important to stay healthy. What are 5 basic types of food you
should eat? (картинка 5 basic types of food.)
P1,P2,P3: meat, milk, fruit, bread, fats.
5).T: You are right. Now you will read the text about each of this group of products. You
will work in groups. Each group is given a text about one type of food. Read, translate the texts
and be ready to speak about the Pros and Cons of the type of food you will read.
Healthy types of food
Meat group helps you have a strong and healthy body. It provides protein. It helps
your body grow.
Milk group provides calcium. That’s why it builds strong teeth and bones It is rich
in vitamins A and D. It is advisable to cut down on fatty foods because they
increase your cholesterol level.
Fruit and vegetables group helps you have healthy gums, good eyesight. It
provides vitamins A and C. It has a lot of fibre. It doesn’t give you energy but it
fills your stomach when you are hungry.
Bread and cereal group contains lots of carbohydrates. It gives you more than
70% of energy. It provides iron and B vitamins.
Fats and sugar group gives fast sources of energy. But don’t eat a lot. Fatty foods
are dangerous. You must not pay regular visits to fast-food restaurants because
McDonald’s serve unhealthy, fatty, high cholesterol food.
6)T: Now each group is to give some advice on each type of food. Use the expressions:
You should eat less… because…
You should eat more… because…
You shouldn’t eat too much…because…
I agree with…
I don’t agree with… I think..
7) T: Have a look at the screen and answer the question :”How much food should we eat daily?”
3. Your daily diet
Protein: 100g
Vitamins A, B, C, D.
A is good for eyes, teeth
immune system
It contains …
It is good (bad) for …
It helps …
Now imagine that you are not in the classroom. You are in the shop. You want to
buy some food. Find and study the information about the value of the product you are going
to buy and decide whether you buy it or not.
( Класс делится на группы и каждой группе уч-ся предлагается продукт в упаковке, на
которой содержится информация о его содержании. Каждая группа решает стоит ли
покупать этот продукт и аргументирует своё мнение)
8) Slide4.T: Our health depends on our habits. We’ll speak about it .But first of all
let’s revise the words.
9)Some bad habits are really deadly. You’ll work in groups Which of the
arguments will you use to convince your friends not to smoke, to drink alcohol or
to take drugs?
10) T:Smoking is a serious problem for children. Listen to the text about measures which
are taken against smoking in GB.
Slide 5
3mln people die of smoking a year.
400 000 people die of smoking in Russia.
Life is 25% shorter if you smoke.
11))Compare with your country. What measures will you suggest ?
12) Slide6.
T: We haven’t spoken about sport yet. What kinds of sport do you prefer?
P1, P2, P3:
T: Sport is good for our health. But not everybody goes in for sport. If we don’t go
in for sport it is useful to do some exercise. After a week’s sitting in front of a
computer and at your desk your body needs a bit of exercise. Just 15 minutes of
aerobics and 30 minutes of swimming work wonders. They are very refreshing.
Instead of swimming and jogging you may go on a cycling tour. Music is quite
good too. Now we shall sing a song about it.
13)A song
You working too hard .
Try to do your best .
You need a vacation .
You gonna take time to rest
Forget your work .
Enjoy yourself .
Get out and feel the sun .
Take a little time for the simple things .
Relax and have some fun .
You gonna start and smell the flowers .
Do the things you like
Read a book or see some friends
Take a ride on your bike .
Have a picnic .
Take some pictures .
Enjoy and clap the stars .
Just go fishing Take a walkie .Play your guitar .
Take a break for lunch .
Go and see the sights .
Take a ride in the park
Do all you like .
14)T: We’ve talked a lot about keeping fit and a healthy way of life. I hope our
lesson will be useful to you. I want you to be healthy.
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