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Letter 5
Offer for your request of 01.10.2018
Dear Ms. Muller
Thank you for your interest in our hotel. We are pleased to provide you with information on the prices
of our rooms for a group of 50 people:
One night in the rooms for one person currently costs... hryvnias per night. One night in double rooms
costs ... Breakfast is already included in this price. Hotel rooms are equipped with a shower, bath, toilet,
telephone, Wi-Fi, TV and minibar.
On our website you will find more detailed information about our spa salon and fitness center. If you
still have additional questions, we will advise you by phone 0123 45678. Sincerely…
Letter 6
Dear Mr. Muhlhauer
As you remember, we had a meeting last week. In this letter, I want to answer your questions about
our products, prices and distribution arrangements. According to the conditions of CIF Odessa for the
products you ordered, our prices are as follows:
machine BB 4356 ... euro
machine BB 4358 ... euro
machine BS 6777 ... euro
We offer a 5% discount on orders of our machines over €100,000 and on all equipment over €45,000.
Although our prices are slightly higher than those of our competitors, our customers are convinced that
the high productivity of our machines quickly covers the additional costs. This is especially true for
machines of the BC 6777 type.
Our invoices are payable within 90 days. We provide a 3% discount for payment within 30 days, and
0.5% for payment within 60 days.
In addition, we guarantee the delivery of all products and spare parts in Ukraine via Odessa within 18
I hope that you have found all the answers to your questions in my letter and that we can continue our
negotiations next week. I will be staying at the Hyatt until July 17th and will try to contact you by this
Letter 7
Dear Sirs,
Your inquiry regarding our product line has been submitted for our consideration, and we would like to
thank you for your interest in our equipment.
We enclose a price list and technical data information of our products, which describes our entire
product line for the mining industry. This should help you familiarize yourself with our range and the
high quality of our equipment.
If you have any further questions about our equipment, please give us a call by number 323 34 34.
Thank you again for your interest.
With great respect…
Letter 9
Dear Sirs
We thank you for your request of May 7, 2019. As you requested, we will give you our prices for the
product that interested you.
1. Stated prices don’t include sales tax.
2. Payment must be made by bank draft immediately after delivery of the goods.
3. The goods are delivered within 15 days from the date of receipt of the order.
4. The given offer is valid for one month starting from the date indicated on it.
We hope that you will find our offer attractive and you will place the order as soon as possible.
Letter 10
Dear Sirs
Thank you for your letter of April,14. We are really sorry because you consider our prices as too high.
Prices, specified by us, leave us with a small profit, and without big orders, that we get from multiple
constant customers, we wouldn’t be able to give you that prices on our shipments.
Our price already includes a full discount on big orders and, as you probably know, we work on a very
competitive market, where we had to lower our prices to a minimum. We understand your situation
with long-term contracts and we would like to help but, unfortunately, we can’t to this by lower a price.
But we would be glad to congratulate you as one of your clieints, despite our inability to offer you a
lower price. We still hope that you will give us an opportunity to work with you.
Thank you.
With respect, …
Letter 11
Dear Sirs
Our company specialize on development and launch of medical equipment for 10 years. As you,
possibly, know, we successfully satisfy needs of native medical facilities and export our products in tens
of countries around the world. Our product was highlited several times on native and global exhibitions
and contests and it has a good demand around our partners.
Let me to offer you our prospectives(in three copies) and catalogues(in two copies), where the newest
samples of our medical equipment are presented. We suppose that some of them will bring your
If you have a desire to learn some of offered units in more detailed way, we would be glad to send you
our representer.
Our payment terms: opening of an irrevocable L/C in “Bank Kyiv” in our favour. Shipment is madee
within 15 days after an arrival of L/C acceptance.
We hope that you will be interested in new equipment for cancer centers and expect for a setting of a
mutually beneficial partnership.
Letter 13
Dear Sirs
We are glad to know from your letter of June, 27 that you saw our advertisement on the Internet and
are interested in our products. We are a big Spanish company with 20 years of experience in
construction industry, we produce high-quality tile and sell it on favorable terms.
By separate mail we are sending you a copy of our latest season catalogue, which demonstrates our
wide tile assortment and also provides an export prices on DAP terms.
We provide a complex discount on quantity of 20% for orders more than … euro. The delivery is made
within 15 days from the day of ordering. As it is your first our order, we demand an upfront payment,
but also we will be ready to offer you a 2% discount for cash payment. This offer is available only for a
We reckon that you will agree with us that this offer is very advantageous, considering the best quality
of our product.
Our sales representative in Kyiv, Mr. Muller, will be glad to demonstrate you the excellent quality of our
product. We enclose his business card. If you need further information, Mr. Muller will help you with
We hope that our offer meets your expectations and look forward to an opportunity of doing business
with you in a near future.
Sincerely, ..
Ex 5
Dear Maya Vogel
We are glad to hear about your interest in our company and products. As you already know, our
company is one of the leading exporters of textiles in Pakistan. Our company offer a high-quality textiles
on a very favorable terms and we are looking for a new partnership opportunities.
We are sending you a copy of our latest price-list and catalogue, which demonstrates our wide
assortment of children’s wear.
We provide a complex 10% discount for orders more than 10.000 units. Delivery is made within 11 days
from the day of ordering.
If you need any further information, send us an e-mail.
We look forward to cooperate with you!
Sincerely yours, ..