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Адрес: 3301, Сюникская обл., г. Капан,
ул. Шинарарнери, 4/16, ИНН 09428506
Номер регистрации РА: 72.110.1197042 от 25/09/2021
Тел.: +7 495 558-99-02, +7 905 787-07-64
от «19» July 2022 г.
To the director of the company
Commercial proposal
1. From the Limited Liability Company GRANT SANI" (LLC "GRANT
SANI"), Armenia, Syunik region, Kapan, Shinararneri str., House 4, Apartments 16;
2. Settlement account: 1150017913483470(USD) in ARMBUSINESSBANK
Yerevan, Armenia, Kapan Branch SWIFT: ARMNAM22
The limited liability company "GRANT SANI" has partnerships with several
coal pits, sealed by dealer agreements.
3. We, the undersigned, are ready to carry out the supply of coal of the stone Grade
D on the following conditions:
3.1. Departure point: Vera port (Primorsky Krai, Russia), Vanino port (Primorsky
Krai, Russia) with loading on the seller's vessel - CIF ASWP;
3.2. 30000 MT +/-10% per month, with a possible increase to 200000 MT+/- 10%
per month for 2-3 months of planned shipments, Heat of combustion (Lowest), Kcal/kg
3.3. Payment terms: 100% prepayment by providing a letter of credit;
3.4. Dispatch period: from August 2022 to August 2023 monthly;
3.5 The quality and weight of the goods are determined in accordance with SGS
certificates. Sampling and analysis certificate issued by "SGS Vostok Limited" in
accordance with ISO/ASTM standard;
3.6.. Delivery basis: 225.00 USD/MT;
In case of a positive decision on the terms of delivery and payment for the Goods, we are
ready to conclude a contract in the second decade of July, after confirming the purchase of
the volume of Goods for delivery in August 2022 to our address.
Limited liability company
/ David Sogomonyan /