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Inspectors TOP TWENTY ONE ECDIS Questions:
1. Select ENC
a. What display mode is the system currently in?
2. What is the SAFETY CONTOUR and or SAFETY DEPTH set to
3. How do you achieve the best Scale when using ENC’s
4. How do you Query/Interrogate a charted object?
5. What is the Cell Number of the ENC which currently displayed?
6. Where would you find the Data Quality Pattern/ CATZOC/ Quality Object Setting?
7. Can you change the Charted Symbology
8. Where are the Sensor setting Menu
9. Do you RNC?
YES, at local
sendor setting select Manual
10. It is possible to de-Select GPS sensor and manually go to DR mode?
11. Is there an ENC CHART 1 reference on the ECDIS system?
12. When was the Last time a LOP fix was applied?
13. What other type of POSITION FIXES was applied?
14. How can you Import / Export Passage Plans
15. How can you view the Playback function?
16. Change the display settings for Brightness/ Contrast
17. When was the Last Chart Updated installed?
18. When was the Last Manual Correction Applied
19. Where is the ECDIS LogBook?
What was the Last Major Event Logged? POB/Berthing
Manoeuvre Important Logs
20. When was the last time IHO DATA PRESENTATION and PERFORMANCE CHECK tested?
28 JAN 2015
Satisfactory, complied with IHO
standard – as per illustration during test
What were the findings?
21. Show the NO GO AREAS/PL in the ECDIS display –
See, ENC AREA as per Plan