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Uzbekistan in the world
Introduction: About Uzbekistan
The Republic of Uzbekistan gained
indpendence in 1991.
Uzbekistan is doubly-landlocked
country, located in the heart of
Central Asia.
Uzbekistan in the world
Uzbekistan is the
56th largest country
in the world by area
and the 42nd by
What is Uzbekistan known for?
Uzbekistan is known
for the Ancient Silk
Road. It is a country
that is home to the
three most important
Silk Road cities,
Samarkand, Bukhara
and Khiva.
Tourism in Uzbekistan
Unlike many of its neighbors,
Uzbekistan is generally safe for
visitors. Therefore, Uzbekistan
attracts tourists with its
historical, architectural,
archeological and natural
Uzbek traditions
The main fact is that uzbeks
love to gather in big groups
and entertain the whole
village or mahallya on family
occasions.National holiday is
Navruz. In Navruz people
wear traditional costumes
and cook sumalak.
Interesting facts about Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan has 5 UNESCO world heritage sites.
In greetings handshakes acceptable only between
the men.
When you are greeting with uzbek women you need
bow to her with your hand placed over the heart.
In Uzbek traditions, the most respected guest is
seated farthest from the entrance of the house.
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