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Instructions for Home Access Center and Student Contact Information Update
We are excited to announce that parents are now able to update their child’s emergency contact
information online via the parent portal for the upcoming school year! This process replaces the
paper forms sent home at the beginning of each school year. Please follow these instructions:
If you do not have access to the Home Access Center account (Parent Portal) you must create an
PLEASE NOTE - The District must have a valid email address on file for the parent/legal guardian.
Please contact the district registrar to add/update your email address if needed.
Please follow these steps to create a new account for the parent portal:
1. Visit https://www.greenburghcsd.org/imo
2. Click on "Log in HERE" under Home Access Center
3. Click on "Click Here to Register for HAC"
The account should be created with your name and contact information, not your child's name.
The information you input must match what we have in our system.
The system generates an access code and it will be emailed to you directly.
Please note, the district does not generate the access code.
How to access the Returning Student Registration Portal:
Please log into your Home Access Center account (Parent Portal)
Click on the REGISTRATION button on the toolbar.
Click on Update Enroll TAB
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to answer all the questions?
Required questions are marked as "Required".
What if I make a mistake?
If you would like to make a change, click on the underlined field or click “Prev” to return to a
previous page.
I’ve completed the form, now what?
When you have finished entering your information, click “Submit.” This will send all of the information
you’ve entered to the school. If you cannot click on this button, you will need to make sure that you
have answered all required questions.
What if I have more than one student at Greenburgh Central School District?
Do I need to do this for each child? Yes, because you’ll need to provide information that is specific for
each child. We recommend that you submit one Returning Student Registration and then start
another – this will allow you to “snap over” shared family information, which will save you time.
If you need further assistance please contact the District Registrar at (914) 761-6000 ext. 3120 or
email at dlugo@greenburghcsd.org.