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Specification of amateur meter SWR R6NT

Specification of amateur meter SWR
The device displays SWR, PEAK or AVG power, displays the lost power because of mismatch
between antenna and radio/amp.
SWR - antenna matching, POWER .W - power
FWD- Forward Power
REV Reflected Power
The frequency range of the device is 1-50 MHZ accuracy of reading for power 1-3%
accuracy of indications on SWR of 1-5% depending on range
The device operates on a microcontroller STM32F103VCT6, operating at a clock frequency of
72 MHz. Process and display information about the color 3,2-3,5-5,0-inch display with a
resolution of 480x320 pixels. The MODE button toggles the power measurement limit; LOW
and HIGH can be switched to the maximum subrange. The subranges are selected in the service
menu as follows: 50/100/150/250/500/750/1000/1500 / 2000/3000/4000/5000. All settings will
be saved in the non-volatile memory of EEPROM 24С02 and saved when the SWR meter is
turned off from the power supply.
Entering the device menu is done by pressing the MODE button for 3-5 seconds
Menu description
1 – Enable or Disable Sound Alert
2- Setting the clock (hour)
3- Setting the clock (mins)
4- Setting low power display 50-100-150-250-500 W
5- Setting the display of high power 500-750-1000-1500-2000-3000-4000-5000 watts
(switching the display with a low or high power level is done with a single push of the MODE button)
6- Setting the sound signal when raising the SWR more than 3x
(You can choose your settings from 2 and above)
7- Setting PEAK or AVG peak power readings (TIME)
(To display AVG you need to set the TIME mode in the menu)
8- Setting the peak delay from 0 to 10 seconds (the effect of freezing affects the segment of the
power thermometer and power figures)
9- Setting the time of occurrence of the SWR and power
10- Saving settings
Attention reset the device to the factory settings, you must press the MODE button and turn on the device
The device is powered from the power source of the transceiver 13.8 volts
Current consumption 350-400 ma
You can use other power sources from 10-14 volts with a current of at least 500 ma
The use of switching power supplies is not recommended. Noise appears.
Attention to the accidental reverse polarity of the power supply was taken by using a protection diode
So in the event of wrong connection nothing will happen to the meter,simply it won’t turn on.
When high power is applied to the input of the device, with low power turned on, nothing negative will
happen. The device will show the power applied in numbers
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