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School of volunteers
development plan for 2020-21 academic year
The main goal
of reforming the structure of the
volunteer department and its
further transformation into a
school of volunteers was to
optimize and find more effective
methods of working on various
The new structure of School
of volunteers under IUT SU
Head of SoV
Volunteers team
The updated structure of the department is much
simpler and requires less human resources than the
previous one
The main task of the agent is to find and communicate
with partners and sponsors
Coordinators are volunteers with more seniority and
experience than others. Their responsibilities include
distribution, management and on-site monitoring.
In addition to all of the above, the department will
also conclude agreements with sponsors and
parties interested in cooperation, in order for
students to receive certificates and experience in
volunteer work
The department's activities will be more thoroughly
documented, more specific and effective. The
department, in close cooperation with the university
administration, will allocate volunteers on mutually
beneficial terms, with official documentary confirmation,
strictly for a specific type of activity, in the necessary,
early approved
quantity and for a certain time
New algorithm of the
Finding partners / sponsors by an agent
Drawing up a preliminary agreement
Making of an agreement by the head of the department, the president of
the SU and the partner / sponsor side
Providing volunteers for the event
Obtaining certificates by volunteers