Загрузил Дарья Скрылева

Films about artificial intelligence

Skryleva D.
Skrylev E.
Artificial intelligence allows
computers to learn from their
own experience, adapt to set
parameters, and perform tasks
that previously were only
possible for humans. Thanks to
these technologies, computers
can be trained to perform certain
tasks by processing large
amounts of data and identifying
patterns in them.
Plot: The story of the life of a new
generation of robot Andrew. He
was bought as a servant, but he
was more human than most.
Studying people, Andrew notices
that he also has feelings and a
soul. The robot begins to
perform operations, replaces
metal with rubber skin, and does
everything to bring people and
machines closer together.
Plot: In the twenty-second
century, humanity moved to
live on spaceships, where
robots do all the work. On
Earth, people leave robot
scavengers, of which only one
survives — wall-E. Work
develops in wall-E human
emotions and life priorities to find love and return life to
the planet.
Plot: In the future, everyone
will have the opportunity to
use artificial intelligence.
Writer Theodore acquires an
operating system named
Samantha to brighten up a
difficult life period after
parting with his wife. Soon, he
finds in her a best friend, and
then a new love. Samantha
develops similar feelings and
Plot: Can a computer be taught to think like
a human? This question is asked by the
scientist Will. He loads his brain into a
super-powered computer. The goal of his
experiment is an electronic brain that makes
decisions and acts like a real person, that is,
such a machine can feel. The experiment
seems to be going its own way, but the
scientist's wife Evelyn begins to feel that
something has gone wrong. «By being
related» to the computer, it was not Will who
gave it feelings and emotions, but the
computer that reprogrammed the scientist
to behave like a computer.