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About 50 bridge projects were submitted to
the commission, but due to the large
number of disputes within the
organization, it took as much as 8 years to
approve that iconic bridge design. 432
workers took part in its construction,
which also took 8 years.
Tower Bridge connects the equally popular
Tower Museum and Tower Bridge Road,
which is why it got its name.
Tower Bridge can be considered one of the
most accessible attractions in London,
which is so famous for the high cost of
entrance tickets.
Despite the huge weight and length of 61
meters, the wings rise within one minute.
Stonehenge appeared, according to
scientists, about 5000 years ago, while it
was built in several stages over 2000
years. Stonehenge consists of 82 five-ton
megaliths, 30 twenty-five-ton blocks, five
fifty-ton triliths and one six-ton altar.
The position of the cromlech stones is
closely related to the positions of the
moon and the sun — this is especially
noticeable during the winter and summer
solstices.The archaeological site is located
in the English county of Wiltshire, just
130 km from London.
To wander along the stones and even
more so to touch them will not work,
because they are behind fences. But,
within the framework of paid excursions,
such an opportunity is provided for visits
by small groups of people.
The Palace of Westminster is the
Parliament of Great Britain.In 1987, the
palace was included in the UNESCO World
Heritage List. The palace has suffered 2
fires in its history, after which the complex
was rebuilt and as a result the building
acquired its current appearance. The Palace
of Westminster has almost 5 kilometers of
corridors, 1,100 rooms and 100 staircases.
The clock tower of the Palace of
Westminster — Big Ben — is the main
symbol of London, with which legends and
significant historical events are associated.
Tours of the Palace of Westminster in
Russian are held daily.It is possible to visit
the Palace of Westminster for free, but only
if an open debate is held on this day.
The Road of Giants appeared about 60
million years ago.This is a unique natural
complex and a real mystery of nature,
which consists of 40 thousand huge
combined basalt columns that stretch along
the coast for 275 meters and goes into the
Atlantic for another 150 meters.
In 1986, the Road of Giants was included
in the UNESCO World Heritage List and
was recognized as the 4th Wonder of the
World in the UK.
Here you can see picturesque caves, some
can be viewed from land, others only from
the sea, visit ruined castles and charming
sandy coves.
Also , the road of giants has several other
names:Chimneys, a giant's Organ, a
Giant's Flute, a Giant's Boot and a
Shepherd's Ladder.
This is a very small part of the attractions
of the UK, but we have chosen the ones
that will interest you the most. Thanks for
your attention!