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Задание 1. Перепишите текст.
London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
It is one of the biggest cities in the world. London is situated on the river Thames and it
is the political, cultural and economic centre of the UK.
London is an old and beautiful city. It was founded in 43 AD by the Romans. London is
traditionally divided into several parts: Westminster, the West End, the East End, and
the City. The oldest part of London is the City. It is also the business center of London.
The Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives, is situated in Westminster. The
Houses of Parliament, the seat of the British government, are also situated in that part
of London.
There are lots of factories and the Port of London in The East End. It is the industrial
The most beautiful part is the West End. The best shops, hotels, clubs, restaurants,
houses, and parks are situated there.
There is a lot of sightseeing in London. One of them is the famous Tower Clock Big
Ben. It is the main symbol of London. Big Ben is a real bell and it strikes every fifteen
minutes. Buckingham Palace is another place of interest. It is the Queen's residence.
There are so many other places of interest in London: The Regent's Park, the British
Museum, Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey. It is impossible to describe all the
sightseeing, so the best way to learn more about them is to visit London!
Задание 2. Посмотреть фильм по ссылке.