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Teaching program

Step 1
1. Introduce myself.
2. Partner’s introduction
3. Why model has to learn how to be a model
Step 2
Why we are here and what for
Tell about the all subjects we going to study
1. What is that to be a model
2. What model has to know about that business
1.1 Mother agency
1.2 Freelance
1.3 Contracts
3. What model required to have for work
4. Make up and style
5. Talk about clients and how you should act with them
Step 3
A few steps of posing
1. Showing examples
2. Explaining a differences
3. Talking about light
3.1 studio light
3.2 outdoor light
Step 4
Posing with the objects
1. what kind of objects it can be
2. showing poses with different objects
3. explain hand acts ETS
Step 5
Digitals / Snaps
1. How to make a digitals (snaps)
1.1 Full body shots
1.2 Half body shots
1.3 Portraits
2. How to make a video
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Posing
2.3 Catwalk
2.4 Acting a role
Step 6
Self confidence
1. What is that Your self confident to the client
2. How to increase a skill of self confidence
2.1. Mirror and how to work with it
2.2. Making scenes for you or your friends
2.3. Chit chat with someone
2.4. Imagination (imagine you are someone)
2.5. Books (increase your knowledge)
Step 7
Shooting outdoor
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
The end Program