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LESSON 1 The feature of water

Activity № 1
Read the text and translate.
Water is one o f Earth’s roost precious resources, Every living creature on earth depends on it for
life. The properties o f water are made up of one part oxygen and two -parts hydrogen atoms.
These atoms are held together by covalent bonds. Water is one of the few substances that can
exist as a solid (ice), gas (vapor), and liquid (water). It is found in every part of the world from
the North to the South poles. The earth surface is covered with 70.9 percent of the substance.
Water is found above ground and even below ground in the water tabies.Some water facts that
some people do not realize is that the water on earth moves in a cycle pattern. The water moves
around in currents through the oceans and helps regulate the temperatures of the deep. Water
also goes through an evaporation cycle and rains back to earth to help purify the substance and
also help water ail the plant life that truly depends on water for
life.Water features a unique quality that most other liquids are not truly able to handle, that is
water has a satisfying nature to it.
Activity № 2
Students will read the words in the circle and associate the water feature.
Activity № 3
“T-shirt diagram”
Students learn the text themselves. Everybody takes the information, then they compare indoor
or outdoor water feature.
Indoor water feature
Outdoor water feature
A large indoor water fall that covers an  suitable for highlighting a fountain
entire wall in a large commercial building
 a sense of tranquility to the modern
can be
made from any number of materials
courtyard or garden
(stone, granite, resin, stainless steel, glass)
 wall water features are popular
popular in inner city units, cheap, and
less to install
Activity № 4
To work with the following signs: “v”, “-”, “+”, “?”.
“v” – to know some information about the them.
“-” – do not agree with information
“+” – unknown information
“?” – to have a question according to the theme
A water feature is one
or mere items from a
range of fountains,
pools, ponds,
cascades, waterfalls
and streams
The best water feature
… the best prices ..
tree delivery on orders
over $ 200
In early modern
Europe, fountains
were found in he
elaborate gardens of
the mansions of the
What the styles and
materials of water
feature? (About glass
water feature, capper
water feature, pool
water feature, indoor
water feature)
Activity № 5
Complete the gaps using the verbs in the brackets.
1.If I …You, I… in this competition, (be/ try to take part).
2. They … a well-prepared report if we …………… the materials, (make/print).
3.We …honored and blessed, if our member …………… as a successful candidate
4.If he ………………. an award winner, all of as …………….. him (be/congratulate).