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английский язык. grammar worksheets b1

1 Has Paul ever met a famous person in his life?
2 The teacher was writing something on the blackboard when
suddenly the headmaster burst into the classroom.
3 My mum hasn’t been at the office lately. She has got a cold.
4 The speaker has just finished writing a letter to the chairman. Here
it is.
5 After they had reached the top of the hill, they took a break.
6 The Romans built roads some of which still exist today.
7 I haven’t gone to the disco for ages. Let’s go tomorrow.
8 Have you ever spent your holidays in Greece? It’s a wonderful
9 I drive my son to swimming practice every week.
10 We saw a fantastic film on TV last night, but I don’t remember its
11 He told us that he had never been on a cruise trip before.
12 Most of the world’s elephants live in Africa and Asia.
13 The boss is talking to the mayor at the moment. You can’t
interrupt him.
14 While Frank is reading the newspaper, Jill is preparing breakfast.
15 You normally drink tea, don’t you?
16 I haven’t seen him in the past two weeks. Where has he been all
the time?
17 The headmaster punished the pupils because they had caused
trouble a few weeks before.
18 I was working in the garden the whole day yesterday.
19 I tried to call you last night, but you didn’t pick up the phone.
20 I have been waiting for three hours now. There is still no sight of
1 I lit the fire at 6 in the morning and when Peter came in it was
burning brightly.
2 My brother was playing with his model cars when suddenly the
lights went out.
3 After I had taken him to the zoo, we went for a walk in the park.
4 Have you ever drunk vodka? -Yes I tried it when I was in Moscow
a few years ago. But I haven’t drunk any since then.
5 What do you think about his last book? - I like it a lot.
6 The boys were working in the garden when they heard their father’s
7 What were you doing yesterday afternoon? I was working on my
new novel.
8 How do you usually get to work? -I normally go by car but this
week I took the bus.
9 Lucas was playing the guitar when someone opened the window
and threw a bucket of water out.
10 Up to now, Mary has never been to the United States.
11 My sister was already waiting for me when I arrived.
12 I have won this championship every year since 2005, but I lost in
this year.
13 I first saw this film in 2006 and I have seen it a couple of times
since then.
14 My neighbor has been cleaning her car since 2 o’clock. She still
isn’t finished.
15 I have been learning Italian for two years, but I still don’t
understand very much.
16 She is living in South Africa now. She moved there shortly after
the war.