Загрузил Daria Waters

Урок по английскому Present Simple

the nIrteten
the Internet
raoid mazgaien
The tasks of the lesson:
1. to revise the words on the topic.
2. to revise the rules of Past Simple and
Past Continuous
Complete the sentences
using your own ideas
1.I am interested to know that/about…..
2.I am worried to know that/about…..
3.I am surprised to know that/about…..
4.I am shocked to know that/about…..
5.I am happy to know that/about…..
True, False or Doesn’t say
1.The weather report for this day was bad. DS
2.The two men were diving in the sea near F
White Island.
3.The two men didn’t want to go back to the F
4.Their boat sank very quickly.
5.There were 5 people in a rescue team
A reporter
they write about news events for a newspaper, or tell
about them on television or on the radio
1. Football finals
2. Pop concert
3. A fashion show
4. Demonstration
- Was Helen cooking dinner at
5pm yesterday ?
- Yes, she was./ No, she wasn’t
•cook dinner
•read a newspaper
•listen to a weather
•draw a picture
•go to the cinema
•ride a bike
•play basketball
•play snowballs
•do homework
•take a dog for a walk
•write a letter
•play computer games
•watch TV
•talk on the phone
•walk with friends
•listen to music
Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple
or Past Continuous.
1.He (read) a newspaper when I (come) in.
2.Yesterday I (get) up at eight o’clock.
3.He (put) on his coat and cap, (open) the door and
(go) out.
4.At this time yesterday I (watch) a play by Chekhov
at the theatre.
5.He came back to St.Petersburg on the 15th of
6.I (go) to the institute when I (see) him.
7.He (write) a letter when I (come) in.
Put the verbs in brackets in the
Past Simple or Past Continuous.
1. He (make) a report when I (leave) the meeting.
2. Yesterday he (write) a letter to his friend.
3. Yesterday the lesson (begin) at 8 o’clock.
4. I (wash) the dishes from 5 till seven yesterday.
5. At half past four yesterday we (have) dinner.
6. We (work) the whole evening yesterday.
7. When they (sail) down the river, they (see) a little island.
8. I (open) the window at six o’clock yesterday.
1. was making, left
2. wrote
3. began
4. was washing
5. were having
6. were working
7. were sailing, saw
8. opened
No mistakes – excellent
1-3 mistakes – good
4-6 mistakes – satisfactory
7-10 mistakes - bad
1. Have revised the words connected with the media;
2. Have revised the rules of Past Simple and Past