Загрузил Диана Камалова

assignment 1

Answers of assignment 1 “Leadership” (Kectil Program)
1.1. According to Wikipedia, the Universe is 13.7 billion years old however
my potential lifespan is about 80-83 years. Looking at these numbers my period of
stay on the planet Earth is so short and I realize how important every year, every
month and every day is. As a 19 year old young adult, I contemplate how to spend
my life and contribute to society. Firstly, I have to become a highly qualified
person, and then I need to gain an experience in my specialty. Thereafter I want to
engage in social entrepreneurship, which will be aimed not only at achieving
commercial success, but also at helping socially vulnerable and poor citizens.
It is difficult for me to imagine the life of a modern person without all the
benefits of civilization and new technologies. If I lived in the ancient era, my life
would be much more difficult and dangerous than the present. Constant wandering
due to dry weather would be very tiring. Since there was no question of medicine
in the ancient world, I would not have lived long. It is hard to believe that our life
has become so developed compared to primitive times.
If I had been born in the Middle Ages then my life would have looked like
this: I would have to get married at the age of 12-18 and give birth to a dozen
children, of which only two or three would survive. Conceive, give birth, swaddle,
wash, cook, conceive again, give birth again, swaddle again ... And so on until
about 40 years old. If I had been born a woman from a wealthy family, I could
have handed over part of the work to maids, and left myself only pregnancy,
childbirth and embroidery. On rare secular holidays, I could afford to go out into
the world. Ultimately, my world would be limited to a few rooms, a kitchen, a
marketplace, a church, and a well.
1.2. I want to be remembered as a hardworking, conscientious and helpful
I hope my parents will say that I was a loving daughter; friends - that I was a
wonderful friend, always ready to listen and support; colleagues at work, that I was
the person to whom one could always turn for help.
Most of all I would like to remain in the memory of people as a good man
who loved this life.
1.3. The project that I would like to implement in the future is the opening of
a charitable foundation that will help refugees from different countries. This is a
global project, in which a lot of effort, resources and time will be invested, in turn,
which, I hope, will justify itself and the help of our foundation will be important
and significant. Therefore, I undertake to assert that the world definitely needs
such projects.
1.4. My life plan looks like this:
- complete a bachelor's and master's degree;
- work in large companies for about 10 years;
- do charity work;
- open your own business, which will solve one of the socially important
problems, or at least mitigate its effect;
- open a charitable foundation for refugees.
1.5. "Climb to the top of the mountain" in the context of what Dr. King was
talking about means that he has reached the peak of his happiness, has done
everything he wanted, so he is not afraid.
I want to achieve all the goals that I have set for myself. As I said earlier, the
most global goal for me is to open a charitable foundation. Self-development is
also very important for me, I would like to visit as many countries as possible,
learn their customs, traditions, culture. When I achieve all these goals, I can say
that I have been to the top of the mountain.
1.6. The interview with Martin Luther King III was very interesting, helpful
and inspiring. He is a true role model.
I think all 10 points are needed for the leader. Each of them has an important
role in becoming a leader and they all complement each other. So I would take all
10 points
2.1. Leaders are those who define a common vision and make others believe
in it. But the manager is just the one who forms the process of implementing the
I think that these definitions are the best way to reveal the concepts of
"manager" and "leader". A manager is a person who details the algorithm of work,
strictly follows all instructions, helping to achieve the goal. In turn, the leader is
the person who determines the goals of each, forming a common one. The leader is
responsible for the collective mood, knows how to find an approach to each
I believe that leaders are not born, but made. There is no such thing as a
"natural leader". A person becomes a leader when, firstly, he decides to become a
leader, and secondly, he acquires the knowledge and skills necessary to "get
extraordinary results from ordinary people".
A charismatic leader is one who is able to have a profound impact on
followers by virtue of his personal qualities. "When everything seems to be going
against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind, not with it" Henry Ford, one of the founders of the US automobile industry. The classical
concept of charismatic leadership comes from the fact that the follower
corresponds to the personality of the leader, capable of influencing the
transformation of his values.
A reformer leader is an innovator, a visionary, a reformer, not a savior, his
goal is not to change the world, but to change in the world through personnel
development, organizational development. The transformative leadership model
assumes that the leader and followers have certain behaviors that are most suitable
for creative problem solving in a crisis situation.
A negative or "dark" leader is a leader whose influence on followers brings
with it negative consequences both for the followers themselves and for those
people who are affected by the activities of the leader and his followers.
Mission. Adolf Hitler, causing millions of deaths and the most destructive
war of mankind, was the Führer who led the Germans in an attempt to conquer the
world in the middle of the 20th century.
Passion. Maria Skladowska-Curie. She was born in the family of a teacher
and already in her school years showed a passion for knowledge and hard work. At
that time, it was difficult to get an education in the Russian Empire, but despite
this, she was a teacher and a scientist. She was twice awarded the Nobel Prize.
Vision. Steve Jobs is an American entrepreneur, "the father of the digital
revolution". The success of his company and products is a merit not only of
quality, but also of a set of actions planned to the smallest detail in marketing,
sales, and support service.
Ethics. Mahatma Gandhi is a Hindu politician. He promoted the principles of
truth and peace from the very beginning, rejecting hatred and violence.
Compassion. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of
America, is one of the greatest leaders in American history. He led the country
during the American Civil War to abolish slavery and apartheid. The Emancipation
Proclamation issued by President Lincoln freed about 3 million slaves in various
states of America.
Equality and Respect. Nelson Mandela - 8th President and the first black
President of South Africa, a well-known fighter for human rights and against
apartheid. He is a great example of leadership. Having dedicated his life to the idea
of achieving equal rights for the black population of South Africa with whites. he
advocated peaceful transformations.
Good Governance and Management. George Washington is one of the
representative leaders in American history. He was from the Founding Fathers and
the First President of the United States of America. He was the commander-inchief of the Continental Army, which overthrew the dominance of the British in
the depths of the revolutionary war. After obtaining permission to draft the
Constitution. His outstanding achievement in war and wisdom made him an
inspiring spur to the world.
Personal Presentation. Joseph Stalin is a Russian politician and military man
who served as dictator of the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1953. His regime was
characterized by its cruelty in dealing with social issues.
Team building. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook and one of the
richest young people in the world. He built one of the largest companies out of
nothing, initially managing a group of less than 10 people. It currently has 7,000
Measurable achievement. Napoleon I of France is a popular figure in
history. He was a general in the French army who came to power after the French
Revolution. He expanded the French empire to a great extent, and is well known
for his military strategies and tactics.