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Article Gameboys and girls stay in to play

Gameboys and girls stay in to play
1. Title, author, source and date of publication.
The article I’m going to give a review of is taken title "Gameboys and girls stay in to play".
The Guardian, by Carolyn Roden.
2. Type (news article / analytical article / mixed type containing both news and their analysis).
The type is analytical article.
3. Topic, theme and (for analytical articles) message.
The topic of the article is about the modern teenagers whose computer games addict. The
author in the article touches upon the problem of the mental and physical effects of computer
games on the young.
The theme of this article is about a 13-year-old boy who is addicted to computer games. He
loves them so much that his mother says they have become a kind of drug for him and the
only time he seems really happy is when he is on the computer, playing a game.
The message of this article is about the modern teenagers to find just living in the present
moment tedious unless, they prefer spend their free time only a virtual world. So, teenagers
have a high level of stress and lack of exercise.
4. Content (main information).
Carolyn tells about her son, whom a 13-years. He`s addicted to computer games. He loves
them so much that they have become a kind of drug for him and the only time he seems really
happy is when he is on the computer, playing a game. That to reassure mom that he was not
addicted, he volunteered not to touch the computer for a week. He recorded the music of his
favourite games, so that he could listen to them on his Walkman. Suggestions from Carolyn
to go and read, swim or play badminton got a grunt and a dark look. Carolyn's son and his
peers to find just living in the present moment tedious unless and they prefer spend their
free time only a virtual world. Even as when a game is loading up, they usually look to
cartoons and don't do something useful. The involvement in these games is so intense that it
results in high levels of stress and lack of exercise. According to Carolyn, nowadays it is not
who is the best centre forward in the school team but the computer games wizard who is
king, and her son is fighting for that crown.
5. Structure:
5.1. textual composition and layout (title, subtitle, lead, text (further divided into
introduction/main body/conclusion or several entitled parts), cuts, comments,
This article starts epigraph. The text divided into introduction (has 3 paragraphs) /main
body (has 7 paragraphs)/ conclusion (has 1 paragraph). There is one photo for this article, it
shows two young people of different ages enthusiastically playing computer games.
5.2.b. (for analytical articles) argumentation structure (number, order and types of
arguments, inductive or deductive mode of reasoning).
The article is written in publicistic style.
The arguments in the article are the personal experience and reflections of the author.
Logical conclusions based on the author's personal conclusions.
I think this article is inductive mode of reasoning.
6. Narrative / argumentation perspective(s) (through whose eyes the events are described
and/or interpreted; whether alternative viewpoints are mentioned).
Narrative perspective (the events are described through eyes author; alternative viewpoints
aren't mentioned).
7. Form of presentation (the author’s narrative, reported or direct speech).
Form of presentation is the author’s narrative.
8. Tone (formal, casual, agitated, lyrical, dramatic, impartial, moralizing etc.).
The tone of article is casual.
9. System of images:
9.1. images of characters;
The main character of the article is the author's son. We see him as an emotional teenager
who is only interested in computer games, although sometimes he can watch cartoons. All
his friends are also gamblers. Despite the fact that he promised his mother not to play for a
week, he began to behave aggressively and strangely, as he was bored without computer
9.2. image of the author;
The author of the article is a woman named Carolyn Roden. She talks about her 13-year-old
son, a gamer. We see the author as an interesting and erudite woman. She raises problematic
issues in her article. The author argues with his own opinion and experience, sums up the
results. Begins the article with an epigraph, which is her quote.
9.3. image of the reader.
The reader of this article is a person who will be interested in the topic of educating a
teenager, the relationship of children and adults to computer games.
10. Language (major expressive means and stylistic devices and their function in the text).
The epigraph is a quote from the author.
The text is written exclusively on arguments from personal experience and the author's
reasoning on the topic of gambling addiction and its impact on teenagers.
The only phrase of direct speech belongs to the author's son.
11. Concluding remarks:
11.1. Evaluative comments (quality of the information and the form of presentation);
The information given in the article is valuable because this actually on nowadays. I think
the form of presentation the information convenient for a lot of people, as it is not overloaded.
The text consists of spoken words and expressions. The article is easy to read.
11.2. Personal comments (individual perspective on the events / ideas of the article).
I find the article worthwhile because the problem raised in the article is urgent. I share the
author’s views on detriment from computer games. What impressed me most is the fact that
author reasons on the basis of her son's behavior and is not afraid to show her victories and
defeats in the upbringing of a teenager. From my point of view children and teenagers should
playing a computer games and useful computer for a study a limited amount of time. In
conclusion I'd like to tell I have found the article interesting and important.