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урок 11

Дата: 12.10.2021
Урок 11
Тема урока: Виды дискриминации
- развитие умения составлять тезис устного сообщения;
- развитие умений употреблять в речи ЛЕ по темам.
- воспитание культуры поведения, терпимости к людям разных конфессий,
пола и убеждений.
Вопросы к изучению:
1. Изучить теоретический материал.
2. Научиться искать информации по прочитанному.
Теоретический материал:
1. Изучить материал. Просмотреть видео и выполнить задания
Задания для освоения новых знаний:
Упр.2 стр.22.Развитие навыков чтения.
Suggested Answer Key A: I think Paolo should talk to his teacher because if not, the situation
will only get worse. B: I agree. He can also tell his parents so they can help him. A: I think Meg
should keep on applying for jobs. She will find one in the end. B: I agree. She should never give
up. A: I think Julie should start an anti- discrimination group at school to help others like her. B:
I think you’re right. She would make new friends that way too.
Упр.3 стр.22
Suggested Answer Key
teased: made fun of
made redundant: be asked to leave your job because you are not necessary
placement agency: an employment agency that helps you find a job
highly qualified: to have lots of qualifications
tomboy: a girl who likes doing the things boys usually do
hurt: upset
reluctant: not prepared to do sth
shared: to give a part to sb else
halved: reduced by half
illegal: against the law
provide: give sth
counselling: giving advice (therapist/expert)
guest speakers: sb who is invited to speak at a conference/meeting
bullied: hurt or threatened by sb more powerful
Suggested Answer Key 1 teased 3 made redundant 2 hurt 4 tomboy
Домашнее задание:
1. Письменно перечислить пути решения дискриминации
Форма получения информации для оценки новых знаний:
- письменная
- адрес электронной почты – vip.karapyzi@mail.ru
Используемые источники:
1. Учебник Spotlight 10 класс
2. видеоматериал
3. Интернет источники