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Phrases to use in rendering

Phrases to use in resume and rendering
Presenting the article:
The article entitled… is about…
The subject matter of the article is…
The author raises/ deals with/ dwells on/ touches upon the problem of…
Presenting and developing ideas:
To begin with
In the beginning, it can be said that
First of all
I’d like to (describe/ mention/ draw your attention to the fact/ say a few words about/ emphasize
the fact that)
Introducing ideas
As a matter of fact
Speaking about…/ talking of..
As for…
As far as something is concerned
It goes without saying that
It’s worth mentioning that
Needless to say
Obviously/ certainly/ for sure
Listing ideas
Firstly, secondly, thirdly
Moreover/ besides/ to add to this/ apart from this/ more than that
Contrasting and comparing ideas
On the one hand, on the other hand
On the contrary
By contrast
However/ nevertheless
Despite this (in spite of this)
Unlike this
Sub-conclusions and conclusions
As a result
To sum it up
In conclusion, it can be said that
To crown it all
In other words
Generally speaking
In general
On the whole
Giving opinions
I am convinced/ sure/ positive that
I strongly believe that
I have absolutely no doubt that
In my opinion
As far as I am concerned
I tend to think that
From my point of view
As for me
I can’t help feeling
I really admire/ appreciate/ support smb /smth
I feel disgusted by…/ I disapprove of this