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Faculty: Biology
Department: Botany and Plant
Master's student: Shousmanova
Roza Mamadjonovna
Scientific adviser: associate prof.
Matkarimova Anarjan
Academic year:2019-2020
Specialty: 5А140101 Biology
(scientific direction)
Summary of master’s dissertation on "Bioecological properties of Lysium
barbarum L. under conditions of introduction".
Validity and relevance of the topic. All socio-economic reforms carried out
by our government are aimed at further increasing the fame, status, lifestyle and
health of our people. Particular attention is paid to human health and a healthy
lifestyle of the younger generation, which are the heirs of tomorrow.
Today, the world pays special attention to the cultivation of non-traditional
berry bushes, the fuller use of their medicinal and decorative properties, and the
expansion of the production of natural medicines. Among them, Lysium
barbarum L. is also one of the most beneficial plants in the plant world due to its
beneficial properties and scale of use in practice.
The aim of the study is to study the bioecological properties of Lycium
barbarum L. in the Botanical Garden of the National University of Uzbekistan.
Research objectives:
Determination of forgetfulness Lysium barbarum L. in laboratory and
field conditions;
Study of the phenological properties of Lysium barbarum L.;
Study of ontogenetic stages of Lysium barbarum L.;
Study of ways of reproduction of Lysium barbarum L.;
Study of medicinal properties and properties of industrial use of Lysium
barbarum L.
Object and subject of research.
The object of research is Lysium barbarum L.
Research subjects. Bioecological properties of Lysium barbarum L. under
introduction conditions.
Research methodology and methods. When performing this master's thesis,
generally accepted phenological experiments were used - observation methods,
mathematical and statistical processing of the results obtained and the
I.N.Beidemann method. The seasonal development of the plant was carried out
according to the method of I.V.Borisova. Phenological observations were made
every 10 days. When studying the biology of seeds, methodological guidelines for
conducting research on the topic "Plant production" published by I.V.Belolipov and
others were used.
The degree of scientific novelty of the research results. In the soil and
climatic conditions of the Botanical Garden of the National University of
Uzbekistan, seeds of the species Lysium barbarum L., belonging to the Solanaceae
family, were identified in laboratory and field conditions, at the early stages of
ontogeny, growth and development of plants. The bioecology of Lysium
barbarum L. was studied for the first time. The methods of plant cultivation and
reproduction were developed. Based on the results obtained, appropriate conclusions
were drawn.
Practical value and application of the research results.
When training botanical and ecological specialists in higher educational
institutions of the republic, certain ideas are formed about the bioecological
properties of the shrub of the Solanaceae Lysium barbarum L. family, seed
germination, growth and development, its medicinal properties, application,
Cultivation and reproduction in Tashkent soil and climatic conditions. It also helps
to develop skills in analyzing scientific sources, making phenological observations,
and conducting experiments.
The structure and scope of the thesis. The master's thesis consists of 85
pages, introduction, 4 chapters, conclusion and bibliography, applications. The work
includes 10 tables, 17 figures. List of used literature - 73.