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New Zealand

New Zealand
The capital of New Zealand is
Wellington but the largest city is
Auckland. There are numerous tourist
attractions there. The country offers
unlimited opportunities for adventures
and interesting activities. One of the
best places for hiking in New Zealand
is the Abel Tasman National Park. It is
a vast park on the northern tip of the
country’s South Island. It is closed for
most vehicles, but open for boats or
small planes. Visitors can see blue
penguins, wood pigeons and other
rare birds there. The Sky Tower is
another sight of New Zealand. It is an
observation tower, which is situated in
the largest city of the country. Its
height is 328 meters and it is the
highest structure in the Southern
Napier Art Deco is
another interesting
sight. Napier is a small
city in Hawke’s Bay and
it is famous for its
strikingly beautiful art
deco style buildings.
The architecture of this
city is different from any
other city in the world.
One of the most popular places in New
Zealand is the Coromandel Peninsula.
This peninsula is known for its white and
golden sand beaches, perfect coastal
scenery and forested areas. Tourists
especially love the place called Hot
Water Beach. There are natural hot
pools there, which come from springs
under the sand. Kaikoura is another
interesting place in the country. People
can see real fur seals, dolphins, whales
and albatrosses there. This small
coastal town attracts many seafood
lovers, as there are fresh mussels,
crayfish and else.
Rotorua is also an
exciting city. It is a
natural thermal
wonderland with
numerous geysers and
hot springs.