Заявка № 46668 Ответы ученика: Максим Абдрахманов Ответы

Заявка № 46668
Ответы ученика: Максим Абдрахманов
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Скачать аудиофайл с аудированием для заданий 34-48 (для прослушивания вы
можете использовать компьютер, аудиоплэйер или просто телефон)
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Lexical Grammar Test
I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.
1. He __________ the city he __________ before his marriage.
a) had remembered; had known
b) remembered; had known
c) remembered; know
2. It __________ only an hour since I __________ his place.
a) was; left
b) was; had left
c) had been; left
3. That evening I __________ a letter when I __________ dinner.
a) received; was having
b) received; had been had
c) received; am having
4. “Come in Jane, we __________ you.”
a) are expecting
b) expect
c) have been expecting
5. He __________ writing letters by 7 o`clock.
a) had finished
b) was finishing
c) finished
6. We __________ this cottage long before the end of the spring.
a) have built
b) are building
c) have been building
7. She __________ from the chair in which she __________.
a) rose; sat
b) rose; had been sitting
c) rose; was sitting
8. “Hurry up! Your parents __________ about you if we don`t come back soon.”
a) are worrying
b) will worry
c) will be worrying
9. “I __________ you tomorrow if you still __________ help.
a) will help; need
b) am helping; need
c) will help; will need
10. “I __________ hungry. I __________ anything since yesterday.”
a) am; eat
b) have been; have eaten
c) was; hadn`t eaten
II. Fill in the spaces with the form of the words in bold. (Ответы вводятся после текста!)
Theatre is one of the oldest forms of entertainment.
11 In the Middle Ages, early dramas were often ___
12 and ___ in churches. For example, mystery plays
13 told the Bible stories in a ___ way.
14 The first ___ theatres were built in the times of
15 Shakespeare. These theatres were ___, it wasn`t
until the late 1600`s that theatres were roofed.
Many early plays were set in exotic locations. But in the
16 last 100 years, ___ have written more about ordinary characters
and situations. In the 1960`s many plays were
17 kitchen sink dramas ___ life in very ordinary homes.
11. religion - ______
12. stage - ______
13. drama - ______
14. England - ______
15. cover - ______
16. play - ______
17. show - ______
III. Fill in the blanks with the correct postposition.
18. It`s time to get ___ to work.
a) from
b) on
c) down
19. The wind fell ___ and all was calm.
a) away
b) down
c) out
20. What harm have I ever done ___ you?
a) with
b) to
c) by
21. How did it come ___ that humans speak so many different languages?
a) from
c) about
22. He left her to bring ___ three small children on her own.
a) about
b) up
c) out
IV. Answer the questions.
23. Where is Glasgow situated?
a) in Scotland
b) in Wales
c) in England
d) in Northern Ireland
24. What's the name of the London underground?
a) Metro
b) Tube
c) Subway
d) Underground
25. What is the nickname of the Liberal Party?
a) the Tories
b) the Whips
c) the Libs
d) the Whigs
26. Elisabeth II lives in ____.
a) No 10. Downing Street
b) the Tower of London
c) Buckingham Palace
d) Westminster Palace
27. Under what king did the knights of the round table gather together?
a) Henry IV
b) Edward II
c) Arthur
d) William the Conqueror
28. R. Kipling wrote ____.
a) "Canterbury Tales"
b) "Alice in Wonderland"
c) "Treasure Island "
d) "Mowgly"
V. Translate the Russian words into English. (one word should be used)
29. I would like to borrow (еще одну) ______book, please.
30. The house on the (другой) ____ side of the river was built of grey stone.
31. (никто) ____ of them agreed to help.
32. (некоторые) ____people believe anything.
33. I have very (мало) ____ time for reading.
Test on Listening Comprehension
Скачать аудиофайл с аудированием для заданий 34-48 (для прослушивания вы
можете использовать компьютер, аудиоплэйер или просто телефон)
I. Mark the sentences as false or true.
34. Eifel Tower is a Parisian landmark and technological masterpiece in buildingconstruction history.
35. A competition was held for designs for a monument to commemorate the English
Bourgeois Revolution.
36. It was as high as the dome of St. Peter`s in Rome or the Great Pyramid of Giza.
37. The tower`s construction began on the 21st of January in 1817.
38. 1710 steps lead to the third level of the tower.
39. Now there`s the Gustave Eifel room on the first level between the northern and eastern
II. Choose the correct variant to answer the questions.
40. How many times is Eifel Tower as high as the Great Pyramid of Giza?
a) twice
b) thrice
c) four times
41. What was Gustave Eifel?
a) a tower engineer
b) an architect
c) a bridge engineer
42. When did the tower construction end?
a) on the 31st of March 1898
b) on the 31st of May 1889
c) on the 31st of March 1889
43. How many cannon salute did the citizen hear on the opening day?
a) 21
b) 31
c) 41
44. What restaurant was there on the first level between the northern and eastern pillars in
a) the Belarusian restaurant
b) the American restaurant
c) the Russian restaurant
III. Complete the sentences.
45. Eifel`s tower was raised in a short time with a small labour force,
46. Eifel climbed the 1710 steps leading to the third level of the tower before unfurling the
French flag and hearing the 21 cannon salute _________________________.
47. The Eifel tower remained ____________________in the world until the construction
of New York`s Chrysler Building in 1930.
48. Now about six million visitors the Tower ________every year.