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Nomination: "English language"
English language in our life
MBOU School №108, Soviet district of Ufa city, RB
Supervisor: Ivanova L. N. - English teacher
I. Introduction
II. Practical significance
II.1 From the history of the English language
II.2 English as state language
II.3. Examples of borrowed words from the English language
II.4. Influence of the English language on the formation of computer slang in Russian
III. English in media
IY. English language in Ufa
Y. English at the airport
YI. If you are in the street of a strange city...
YI.1. Key phrases which will be useful in different situations in communicating with
YI.2. To eat in London is not a problem.
YII. Attitude of students to the subject of "English"
YIII. Conclusion
IX. Bibliography
X. Appendix
I. Introduction
We live in the times when business relations are expanding beyond our country. The borders
between countries and people are becoming more and more transparent. And with the advent of the
information space, we see that in communication there are no boundaries.
At present we see in our life the manifestations of Anglo-American culture.
English is part of our life. It is not just one of the languages of the world. For the 375 million
people – it is a mother tongue, and half a billion people speak it. English is a carrier of another
culture for us.
If you want to become a sea captain or pilot on international flights - you need English as
an international language. If you take the technical sciences, you will find that every engineer must
know English, since this is an international technical language.
If you want to study abroad in Oxford or Cambridge, from now you should pay a due
attention to English:
- to watch movies in the original,
- read books,
- listen to the radio,
- watch cartoons,
- just to teach all that you go through the lessons.
Learn English! It will be useful to you in life!
The necessity of this work is associated with the strong influence of the English language
and culture of English-speaking countries on the Russian language.
Therefore, the aim of the research is to study the influence of the English language on our
Objectives of research:
1. To analyze spreading of English in various spheres of our life.
2. To determine the attitude of students to the phenomenon under investigation.
• observation;
• analysis of internet-material.
II. The practical significance of the work is to study the spread of the English language in
our life.
Even in such a region as Bashkortostan, distant from the English-speaking countries by
thousands kilometers, we meet quite often with the English language and with the manifestations of
the English culture.
II.1 From the history of the English language
The English language originates from the language of the old Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons
and Jutes) who moved to 5-6 centuries from the continent to Britain. The colonial conquests of
England in the 17-19 centuries spread English language outside the UK. The English language has
been taken by British emigrants to North America, India, New Zealand and Australia and other
Now the English became the main international language, especially for business
communication in the United Nations and the European Union. This is the mother tongue of half a
billion people. (Every the 3rd or 4th speaks English in the world. Among the young people the
English language is considered as an important advantage for education and getting a prestigious
II.2 English as state language
There are 5 main English-speaking countries in the world. These are the United States, United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Although these countries are situated in different parts of the world, they all share the same
language. As a second language English is spoken in more than 60 countries. English is one of the
most popular and widespread languages in the world. I’d like to tell you a little more about the main
English-speaking countries.
The first English-speaking country is the United Kingdom consisting of: England, Wales, Scotland
and Northern Ireland. The population of the UK is nearly sixty-five million people. London is the
capital of the country.
Another important English- speaking country is the USA. It is situated in the central part of North
American continent. The population of the USA is more than 325 million people. The official
language of the country is English.
Australia and New Zealand are other English-speaking countries. They are former colonies of Great
The population of Australia is more than twenty-four million people and of New Zealand is more
than four million people. The official language in these countries is English.
Canada has two official languages: French and English.
The words can also travel as the people do. They come from these countries and remain in Russian.
Let’s see.
II.3. Examples of borrowed words from the English language
The words retain English pronunciation: hobby, provider, sweater, sponsor, marketing,
management, the Parliament, businessman, sportsman, show, talk show, TV show, timeout,
football, basketball.
II.4. Influence of the English language on the formation of computer slang in Russian
English is the leading language in information technology.
Let's see which words come to us in this sphere: Play, start, go, up, down, right, left, back,
stop, pause, game over.
When playing computer games we often use the following words and expressions:
Widespread use of computers contributes to penetration of English words. We know that all
terminology in this area is in English.
Furthermore, as it is known, English language is very economical. Using it we learn to think
economically and quickly.
III. English in the media
English is widely spoken in the mass media. Reading a newspaper or watching TV,
everyone can find the words of English origin.
Let's see what words of English origin are used in the articles on political and economic
In articles about music:
pop music,
rock singer,
In sports articles:
In articles on Science and Technology:
On TV you can see the English-language advertising: Be happy! Be Huggers! LG - Goods for life.
Also the English words can be found in the titles of TV shows, for example: "Our Russia»,
«Comedy Club» and others.
IY. English language in Ufa
We can find in Ufa a catalog that came out in Russian and English languages in the number of 10
thousand copies.
Nearly 200 pages about Ufa, its sights and people. This catalog was published under the title "City,
convenient for life."
The publication describes the enterprises of culture, education, health, leisure and sports facilities
in Ufa as well as hotels where you can stay at and sights you should see in our city.
Now in Ufa you can see that the names of main streets are translated into English, because our city
is visited by many foreigners as a result of the development of economic relations. And as the
English is an international language, everyone will understand these labels.
There is "Britain" online bookstore in Ufa. It sells English literature.
There is also “Book Hunter”, where you can buy books in English.
On the streets of our city you can find such signs as: "Everything for Office", where the word
“office” is borrowed from English.
And there are stores "Second Hand". There is such sign as "Software Service".
There are mini-markets and hyper-markets, where the words are taken from English.
You can see such names as: «Fix price: all 36", «Gloria Jeans», "Sports Master" and others.
You can see the goods, not requiring any translation:
Milky Way,
Kit Kat, Dirol,
Mars and others.
If you buy shoes, you can find the following inscriptions in the box: Color: Light brown;
Size: 36.
In our high school there is such a course as "Principles of Marketing".
The boys in our class play football, basketball and volleyball.
Moreover, English words and phrases can be read on the labels for industrial products, in
recommendations for care of clothes:
never wash in hot water;
dry clean if possible.
on clothing and footwear:
California; Montana; Texas; Basketball Sport Shoes etc.
Y. English at the airport
Of course, you know that before travel the people repeat words and phrases needed in the
airport. We are with you to repeat them. And who does not know, can learn these words:
I’d like to make an airline reservation.
Please reserve the next flight to London.
I’d like to book a seat to New-York.
At the airport and on board of a plane
Is there a flight to London?
Where is the next flight to London?
What is the flight number?
Is there a bus to airport?
Where do I check in?
My luggage hasn’t arrived.
My baggage is broken, and some things are missing.
YI. If you are in the street of a strange city...
We’ll begin with a greeting: Hi, hello! Вye and good-bye. Also you can use the following words:
Good morning.
Good evening.
How are you today?
See you later.
See you soon.
Тill next time.
Good luck.
YI.1. Key phrases which will be useful in different situations in communicating with
Please and thank you.
I don't understand.
Please speak more slowly.
Could you please repeat that?
What is your name?
My name is . . . .
Can you help me?
How much is this?
May I ask you a question?
I am from . . .
What time is it?
Excuse me
Do you speak English?
Do you speak Russian?
YI.2. To eat in London is not a problem.
You can buy ready meals in supermarkets.
Prices for food in London:
“Takeaway” will cost 4-6 pounds.
Coffee can be found everywhere. Espresso is 1.2-1.5 pounds, cappuccino - 2.
Croissant is approximately 2-2.5 pounds.
Cake - 2.5-3 pounds.
A typical English dinner consisting of salad, steak and side dishes costs at least 10-20 pounds,
depending on the location.
YII. Attitude of students to the subject of "English"
All schools learn English. It is no secret that English is at first place among foreign
languages. We decided to see how students of our class appreciate the English language.
We obtained the following data:
To the question "Do I need to learn English? For what? "
All answered " It is necessary. "
At the question "Why do you need to learn English,"
The students say that English is useful in high schools, when working with a computer, in
communication with foreigners.
From the responses you can see that most of the students want to see their future with
You can see how our classmates learn English: if they forget their textbook, dictionary or
book at home. Yes, unfortunately, some people forget to write down homework or forget to do
It is not a serious attitude. All students must be ready for lessons in all regards.
YIII. Conclusion
After some investigation, one can say that the culture of other countries, especially AngloAmerican ones, inevitably penetrates into many areas of our lives.
English is a universal language.
English is needed everywhere: at rest and at work. Wherever you may be, it will always
come to your help. Knowing the English language, a person will not be lost at any point of the
English is a necessity for a person.
I think that English will always be the language of international communication. It is evident
from the fact of its distribution in many areas of our lives.
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