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Outside your comfort zone

Outside your
The article 'Why you shouldn't step outside your
comfort zone':
The article 'Step outside your comfort zone':
The video 'Why I love the comfort zone'
The quizlet set
Discuss the quotes with your partner. Which ones do
you agree with? Why?
Match the phrases with the definitions.
get out of your comfort zone
stuck in a rut
force yourself
basic needs are fulfilled
to succeed
to come up with the idea
familiar ground
when you achieve something that you have
been aiming for
subjects that have often been discussed
before \ anything you know well enough
to suggest or think of something
too fixed in one particular type of job,
activity, and needing to change
to try something new
when a person have food, a place to live,
to make yourself do something
the state of knowing what something is
like, when something will happen
Discuss the questions with your partner.
What is 'a comfort zone'?
Why do people often stuck in a rut?
Why is it sometimes necessary to force yourself? What usually
happens when you do that?
What should people do in order to get out of their comfort
Would you like to push yourself outside of your comfort zone?
If no, why not? If yes, in what ways? When was the last time you
did this?
What do you think, is it possible to succeed without leaving your
comfort zone?
Discuss the situation. What would you do in each case?
Would you get out of your comfort zone? How?
You’ve got lost in an unknown city in the foreign country.
You don’t have a map with you (and your phone too, oops).
You gave your friend some money for a week. It is already a
month over, but he / she doesn’t bring it back to you.
You give a speech in public in 5 minutes, but you have forgot
your materials at home.
Your boss gave you an important task. However, you don't
have an idea how you can do this.
Discuss the questions.
Do you think that pushing yourself outside the comfort zone is
always a good idea?
Is self-improvement possible without it?
When is it better to stay on the familiar ground?
Do you agree that experiencing a sense of discomfort always
means that you overcome your fears and it's good for you?
Tell your partner about one situation when you decided not to
get out of the comfort zone and was happy about it.
What are the pros and cons of leaving the comfort zone?
1.Have you discovered anything new about yourself ?
2. Have you got some new ideas and/or insights how
to decide if you really need getting out of your comfort zone?
3. Are you going to step out of the comfort zone in the near
future? How?
Be brave enough to be bad at
something new.