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Ministry Education Russian Federation
Topic: «Outstanding among economists of the XX century»
Accepted: Predancheva G.
Performed: Demkina V.
Krasnodar, 2021
Andrey Vladimirovich Anikin (19272001)
Anikin A.V. certainly belonged to the
most famous people in the professional
community of Russian economists, although
he never flashed either on TV screens or in
the presidium of high meetings. His
popularity was entirely because Andrey
Vladimirovich wrote good books on
economics and the history of economic
thought, deep and entertaining at the same time, and the depth never
turned into academic boredom.
Anikin wrote economic bestsellers in various fields and genres:
The Credit System of Modern Capitalism, which served as a guide
for many generations of students; the famous "Youth of Science",
which has endured four, each time revised editions and translated into
many languages, which to this day remains the best introduction to
the history of economic thought; its Russian counterpart - "The Path
of Search", the adventurous academic" Gold", and finally, his latest
book on financial crises from John Law to Sergey Kiriyenko, snapped
up like hot cakes and prepared for reissue. The success and love of
readers brought Andrey Vladimirovich a combination of economic
intuition, interest in practical problems with a broad erudition that did
not know disciplinary boundaries. And, of course, a great literary
talent: following his favorite Pushkin, who wrote that brevity and
accuracy are the first advantages of prose, Anikin always wrote
clearly, simply, logically, with a subtle sense of humor.
The author of these lines has one advantage over most readers of
Anikin's books. He can add to them vivid impressions of meetings
with Andrey Vladimirovich, conversations, joint plans. However, it
all started, of course, with reading.