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My restaurant
My restaurant will be conceptional. It will be designed in the style of noire films.
I want to tell You about main dishes. They are: honey pancakes, assorted fry
Siberian fish and different types of garnish.
The first dish will be served only on breakfasts. I have chosen European type of
service, when pancakes are serving in the plate for each guest personally. The
secret of the dish is very aromatic and delicious honey.
Next dish is assorted fry Siberian fish: arius, chir, muksun, nelma. In addition, You
can choose the flavoring for each fish. For this dish I have chosen French type of
service, when the waiter transfers dishes to the guest plate.
Garnish in my restaurant will be served with the help of English type of service.
The dishes are placed on a tablecloth covered with a tablecloth and covered with
metal clasp caps - so as not to cool. In this form, the table is rolled out to the
banquet hall or dining room. The waiter stops near the set table, picks up a plate
from each guest, transfers portioned portions of the main dish and side dish to it,
and returns the plate to the guest. So gradually the whole table is served. At the
same time, guests see the actions of the waiter and can tell him their preferences
about the need for one or another component. So, guest can choose any type of