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Operational versus financial audit Sviridov IFF4-3K

Sviridov Vladislav IFF 4-3K
Compare and contrast operational versus financial audit
Auditing is a systematic examination and verification of works or records by
professionally qualified people, known as auditors, to make an independent opinion that the
work done is fairly good and well on the track, as laid by professional bodies and the
government, to regulate the activities.
Operational Audit:
Operational audit is a structured review of the systems, internal controls, and procedures
of an organization in order to evaluate whether they are being constructed efficiently and
effectively and to make suggestions to improve them, if necessary. The operational audit is
designed to assess the control level exercised by management, and it mainly focus on
effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability and integrity of financial and operational
information, safeguarding of assets, and compliance with laws, rules and regulations.
Operational audit is for determining the operational efficiency of a company or organization. An
operational audit might assess the entire organization as a whole, or a single operating unit
within the company. Generally, operational audit is carried out by internal auditors. Internal
auditors are the auditors who are, basically, employees of the organization. Operational auditors
are generally internal auditors who are there to facilitate the activities of management via
checking the efficiency and effectiveness and hence making suggestions to improve efficiency.
Financial Audit:
Financial audit is simply an attestation that the client’s financial statement is accurate.
Financial audit or audit of financial statements is a statutory requirement of each and every
registered company. Financial statements’ audit is carried out by professionally qualified
personnel’s known as auditors. The primary objective of carrying out financial audit is to obtain
an unbiased and independent opinion from auditors that the financial statements are giving a true
and fair view, and they are out of material misstatements. For all companies, it is mandatory to
carry out financial audit, done by external auditors, before publishing the financial statements.
The shareholders or owners of the company appoint auditors to verify that the work done, and
financial statements prepared by the stewards-the management appointed by them are correct
and show the clear picture of the company’s financial status.
As their name indicates, both financial audit and operational audit have some differences
between them.
• Financial audit is carried out with the intention of obtaining an independent opinion of
‘true and fair view’ on financial statements, while operational audit is carried out to check
whether the operations of the organization are being carried out effectively and efficiently.
• In general, financial audit is carried out by external auditors, while operational audit is
carried out by internal auditors.
• Financial audit report has a standard format, while operational audit report does not
have a standard format.
• Financial audit reports must be published publicly, but operational audit reports need
not to be made public.
• Professionals who are performing financial audit are external auditors that are not
controlled by the management while auditors performing operational audit are employees of the
entity and hence controlled by the management.