Загрузил Ekaterina Trufanova

How to create website

Domain name should be short but recognise the field of the business
You need to imagine how your customer will search for your, how he will serf through your
Explain your goals and how your can help customers to solve their problems
Use everyday simple language
Clear navigation
Telephone and other contacts very easy to find in every page
The tone Addie uses should tell the story of the business and what it offers.
Explain how the business could meet the customer’s need.
Give a visitor clear understanding of what they should do next – go to the next page,
or get navigation, or call (write) to us
Clearly dividing services (examples of work) into groups in navigation. Give
explanation to this groups
Avoid too bright colors
Check does your website work in all devices (mac, windows, different browsers, mobile
Fast download – small sizes of images
Test your website download speed using mobile internet on your phone
Clear big icons in mobile version for small phone screens
take into account how swipe and other motions on touchscreen work in your website
test speed on https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-gb/feature/testmysite/