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my reserch work

The methodological and theoretical base of research
In my work I will use the following methods:
- analysis of literature,
- planning of experiment,
- survey,
- statistic.
The research is based on the phenomenon procrastination in psychology, the
tendency to constantly postpone even important and urgent matters, leading to life
problems and painful psychological effects. Procrastination is manifested in the
fact that a person, realizing the need to perform very specific important tasks (for
example, his job duties), neglects this need and diverts his attention to everyday
trifles or entertainment. As a result, things are not performed or are executed
poorly, with a delay and not in full, which leads to corresponding negative effects
in the form of troubles in the service, missed opportunities, discontent of others
due to non-fulfillment of obligations and the like. The result of this can be stress,
The actuality of the research. The actuality of my paper work depends on
few aspect:
- of self-doubt,
- fear of failure,
- fear of uncertainty
The structure of the research. The structure of the research is determined
by the purpose and the tasks of the research, it will consist of introduction, three
research chapters, conclusion, appendixes, references.
The topic of the research. Psychological features of procrastination in
young age.
Purpose of the study: to theoretically analyze and empirically investigate the
psychological factors of procrastination in adolescence; develop, test and
implement a system of psychological support for overcoming procrastination in
In order to achieve this goal, it was necessary to:
1. Theoretical analysis of scientific positions of foreign and Ukrainian
women with problems of procrastination in adolescence.
2. Identify the psychological factors of procrastination in adolescence.
3. Empirically investigate the psychological features of procrastinations and
special actions concerning psychological factors in adolescence.
4. Justify, open and embody a psychological program to overcome
procrastination in adolescents and reflections.
Object of study: Delay as a psychological formation in boys and girls.
The subject of the study is psychological factors of delay in adolescence.
According to the purpose and objectives of the research, the following
research methods will be applied: theoretical - analysis, systematization,
observations, experiment, conversation, questioning, testing, methods of
mathematical statistics.
The scientific novelty of the study will be determined by the fact that:
- the concept of "procrastination at a young age" is theoretically
substantiated for the first time;
- the influence of psychological factors of procrastination in adolescence is
theoretically substantiated and empirically investigated;
- peculiarities of formation of procrastination in the juvenile period of
human life are revealed;
- a system of psychological support for overcoming procrastination in boys
and girls has been developed and tested.