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SPA holidays

Spa is a specific body and cosmetic treatment,
non-medical procedure to help the health of the
Typical treatments
They are: aromatherapy and bathing in any of the following: body wraps, often in
combination with herbal compounds. Besides, you can also take facials, cleansing with
a variety of products, massage, nail care such as manicures and pedicures, nutrition
and weight guidance.
Popular SPA treatments for the whole body:
salt and algal peels
Salt crystals exfoliate the keratinized upper layer of the skin and improve the blood flow through the
vessels. The result of these processes is the saturation of the epidermis (skin) with oxygen. It becomes
smooth and velvety. Small wrinkles, shallow scars and unwanted pigmentation disappear.
• wraps, ranging from mineral (using mud, algae and even healing mud) and ending with
pearl and silk
The wrapping procedure has a beneficial effect on metabolism, the nervous system, blood
circulation, strengthens and makes the connective tissues elastic, and also perfectly smoothes
the skin.
baths: marine, dairy, modeling, relaxing
It has an aromatherapy, relaxing, soothing effect. Restores sleep, harmonizes the nervous
system, relaxes muscles, promotes the rapid elimination of toxins from tissues
• Jacuzzi with hydromassage, phyto barrels, Hammam, sauna.