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Social change

Social change.
Our society trends to change with huge speed. It happens because of many reasons and factors, but in
the last period of time there is a big reason for social change, such as technological progress.
And in all of social changes there is a big and important thing, named women rights. All changes lead
people stand up for the feminism, I think. Now, we see change in social settings, when women get in
men’s world more and more. The involvement of women into political, economical, educational deals is
increasing very quickly.
Women are independent in modern life. Therefore there is a rise of divorce, disturbed kids and social
decay. Today, women want to be called ‘’mother’’, but they don’t want to be real mother. Children want
to feel love, but not to read this message under photo in Instagram from mother.
II think it is a big problem due to technology, that women have their rights as men, and don’t spend time
with children, but at work, and in Instagram and others social networks. Social change is not a
disadvantage, the problem is social degradation. I see real examples, when mothers doing some work
outside their homes, without their kids, while children are spending time with childminders, or in the
So, in my opinion now we observe a social destruction in the world, and it is nearly connected with the
social change.