Загрузил Natalia Buyanova


The most important things for young children to learn
Many parents think that it's not necessary to teach values to children. But these
decisions can affect a child’s future and thinking. So, what are the most important
things for young children to learn?
Family is very important for all people, especially for kids. For this reason, young
children should understand that parents aren’t their enemies and they can always
seek their help. They also shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. It is important to
know how to learn from your failures and remember that making mistakes is
I think, childhood is important time for everybody because our identity is being
established. That’s why telling the truth and making friends are the most
important things for kids. When children make friends, they are socializing and
understand their preferences. To my mind, a child from an early age should
understand that tell the truth is essential because it simplifies and beautifies our
To sum up, I’d like to say that honesty, love and consideration are the most
necessary things in kid’s life. Parents should teach these things to their children
in order to have intelligent and open-mind kids.