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[Applause] [Music] hello good
afternoon this is the speaking section of
the ielts exam the interview will take
about 15 minutes i will ask you some
questions in three parts okay okay
examiner is sarah parker and examiner
number is 792-021 candidate is johanna
gufford and the candidate's number is
two three five eight nine may see your
id card yes here you are thank you
okay thanks so can you tell me
where are you from i'm from germany
frankfort do you work or study actually
right now i'm self-employed i'm working
in global markets and i analyze the
market around the world do you like
going to street markets uh actually no
it's not my time to go street markets i
like to be in malls and luxurious
markets what kind of things do you buy
at street markets um if i want to go
to street markets actually i prefer to
buy handicrafts about i don't know
that city that's that city is famous for so
yeah handicraft is my choice okay
would you like to go to a street market
in another country yes uh i if i want to
go to another country uh for example
india i love to go to its street
market because they are so colorful
and their handicrafts are so local and
so unique and i wanted to be there very
good are street markets popular in your
country no actually it's not in my
country my country has a lot of malls
beautiful moms malts and my designer
markets design markets and actually
brand markets in my town actually in
frankfort let's talk about celebrities who
is your favorite celebrity my favorite
celebrity is taylor swift american singer
and songwriter i've i've i've followed
her from 18 and i'm so obsessed with
her because her creativity in writes
lyrics and songs uh would you like to be
a celebrity in the future um actually if
i be honest no cause i'm so scared of
being famous or reputable for
reputation and i think reputation
maybe changed me and i don't like it at
all okay so now i'll give you a piece
of paper and you have time to think
about this question around one minute
after that you should talk around two
minutes okay is that clear yeah yeah so
thank you sir you are thank you and
this is so hmm okay all right thank
you very much okay i have a thomas
friend of mine he is so cheerful and he's
so kind and we have a lot of things in
common actually we've met each
other when we went to university and
he was my classmate and i think uh
he is so unique and he is uh he is so um
thoughtful and he has a lot of wisdom
and it's a lot of fun that's uh going out
with him and we all we sometimes go
to cafe and talk about cinema movies
and philosophy and something like that
and we have i'm so enjoy to spend
time to him yes he's my best friend
now and he is the reason that i'm like
to the cinema i'm like to be a filmmaker
in the future very good what types of
people interact easily with each other i
think in this world in modern world
actually the narrow-minded people
it's so hard to get along with other
people you know uh because they have
own ideas uh and uh how like they
are so dogma a dogmatic person and
it's not works um in our modern world
um okay and what type of people
interact easily with others i think is it
going people is it going people uh and
not non-wisdom people or is it going
um i mean that uh go along with
everything not so [Music] there is no big
deal with everything and um yes they
are so uh um live at moments actually
and uh little moments and they are so
uh happier than other people do
people now have enough time for
communication um after colonel
virus pandemic i think the
communication lasts his meaning
actually it's it's close to the social
media and just uh we just saw and uh
meet each other in uh social media for
in instagram and so i think in this
pandemic communication is so harder
than before does technology make it
easier to communicate with family and
friends um can you read reread your
question from yeah does technology
make it easier to communicate with
family and friends yes for example uh
for the students all around the world
that's far from their family it's so
easier to connect with their family and
friends and it's so good and yes
technology it's help people right
now okay let's talk about medicine
do you think that medicine should be
free i think it should it should be free for
uh every single person in that living
indus in this world and as a as a um i
don't know as a human being we should
the government has to prepare the
good situation for free medicine for all
the people students i don't know
worker and all the people in the
community community and it's so
important how can people improve
their health i think mental health is so
important these days and first of all
they should care about their mental
health and when improve them and
mental issues they should go along with
another people and then care about
themselves for example in checkup in
every month and the government
should help these people too okay
uh do you think that in the future there
will be fewer diseases um in the
future i don't know i i don't think so the
fewer diseases must be half must we
have in the future but i think uh the
solution of hill healing is much better
than these days and and i think
educational people and medicine is so
expanded in the future okay thank
you very much this is the end of your
speaking test thank you so much help
you and wish you luck thank you
[Music] all right i have some tips for you
well you speak fluently and confidently
which is really good and that's a positive
point i like your ideas and you can speak
in a good way you use both complex and
simple structures but you should work on
your complex structures in terms of
grammar you use a good range of
vocabulary and your self-correction is
okay but you should control it because
self-correction is not a bad or negative
point but it should be less not a lot
your pronunciation features were good
enough but not excellent you know you
should work on it especially related to
those vocabulary that you may use it in
your mother thunk for example social
media not social media it's not correct
pay attention to using a correct form of
prepositions for example once in a
month not once on a month is not
correct or on instagram not in
instagram it's important okay to
memorize them okay by the way i'll give
you 6.5 and that's a good one thank you
thank you so much [Music] hi there i
have some tips for you candidates who
gain band score 6 or 6.5 may have a
good coherence and they may talk
fluently but they have a lot of selfcorrections which is not a good idea
they use a good range of connectives and
discourse marks but not always
appropriately so you should pay
attention to this point it's very
important in terms of grammar they use
both complex and simple structures
but not very flexible they may have
mistakes and self-corrections so if you
want to gain more score you should pay
attention to this point too in terms of
vocabulary and lexical resource they
have a good knowledge of expressions
and idioms but they may have some
errors and mistakes they use them not
confident enough well last but not the
least in term of pronunciation they
use a range of pronunciation features
with mixed control they may have some
self-correction they don't pay attention
to a stress syllable but they can
correct themselves time to time well if
you want to gain more score you should
pay attention to all these points and try
to improve yourself in terms of
grammar use complex structures in
terms of lexical resources you should
know topic related vocabularies and
idioms and expressions and pay
attention to your pronunciation
features thank you very much
[Applause] [Music]
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