The mankind does not remain eternally on Earth

Dream ... Discover ... Create ...
Through thorns to stars!
Space Children team of Gaynensky
high school of the Logoysky area,
Minsk region
The mankind does not remain eternally on
Earth, but in a pursuit of light and prostran-a
stvo, at first will shy get for pre-делы the
atmospheres, and then will win to itself all
circumsolar space.
• What moves consciousness
of people what forces them
to get into space depths?
What makes mankind look
for a new home? Perhaps,
desire to learn something
new, desire to travel and
make discoveries, aspiration
to a scope, light and beauty?
The project of an orbital colony "Stenfordsky torus" - a torus,
with a diameter of 1,6 km with a diameter of transverse
section about 150 m.
We understand that our project looks today fantastic,
impracticable. But after all one nation could construct an
enormous construction for the time – the Great Wall.
Planets of terrestrial group Mercury, Venus and Mars are
difficult adapted for life of people. First two planets - hot, the
last - cold.
The set of huge spheres rotates round the Sun on the close to
a circular orbit. Spheres are connected among themselves by
a pipe – a toroid, in it overpasses. All construction is
completely isolated from a surrounding space environment.
• Spheres - a place of continuous accommodation of
people whom we will call космонитами (the sphere
is more preferable – at this volume it has the least
surface area). The part of the sphere turned to the
Sun, the transparent for visible part of a range. There
is an opportunity to change its transparence for
creation of change of day and night, just as on Earth.
Inside the sphere is divided into two parts: one part
placed under the transparent dome, is intended for
farming, cultivation of the woods, placement of
reservoirs, construction of dwellings. In the second
turned aside, opposite to the Sun, life support
systems, factories and plants are placed. Let's call
• Гигаполис вращается по орбите вокруг Солнца (2-я
космическая скорость). Его плоскость
перпендикулярна плоскости земной орбиты. Кроме
того, плоскость орбиты Гигаполиса поворачивается
вслед за годовым движением Земли вокруг Солнца
так, что расстояние от модулей-сфер до Земли
примерно остается постоянным
• в Минске проживает 2 миллиона
жителей (1 901 700 человек на 2012 год),
при плотности 6123 чел/км2, получим
площадь 327 км2. Такую площадь имеет
круг радиусом около 10 км. Итак,
население города Минска, вместится в
сфере радиусом 10 км. Чтобы разместить
население численностью 8 000 000 000,
понадобится 4 000 сфер
• For kosmonits within walking distance
should be prepared emergency suits, oxygen
supplies, emergency power supply
• Designers create kosmonitov such suits that,
while remaining within the fashion of the
time, they are, in the event of loss or fire,
can act as a light suits
Of the total spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to rescue dome. The material of
the dome passes visible light and retains the rest of the spectrum (as well as a
light filter hard spacesuit protects the face and eyes astronaut)
Exit Alexei Leonov in open space March 18, 1965
Exit Edward White EVA June 3, 1965
• The solar wind consists primarily of
electrons, protons and helium nuclei. They
can be deflected by the magnetic field. Each
sphere - Gigapolisa module has its own
magnetic field, which becomes the "armor"
for cosmic particles
• Gigapolis a tracking service for open space.
Service Tasks: early detection of potentially
dangerous space objects
James Webb Space Telescope telescope (developed NASA an infrared telescope)
Telescope of Hubble (Hubble)
In Gigapolis there has to be a good message
between the separate modules spheres in fact
being megalopolises
Movement of goods and people and through an outer space is
not excluded. For flights in the remote parts of Solar system
spaceships are used.
For flights on the suburb of Solar system to planets to giants
and their satellites, to Koyper's belts and, probably, Oorta,
will use a solar sail. Let's call these ships solar clippers.
Solar batteries - a traditional way of obtaining
energy in a space. Solar batteries occupy the huge
spaces round Gigapolis.
Also traditional way of obtaining energy division of
heavy-nuclei of uranium and plutonium Nuclear reactor
of Crocus
As, the solar wind consists generally of electrons, protons and helium
kernels, dividing particles on a charge sign, a quantity of energy can be
received in such a way.
By the time of Gigapolis's construction operated
thermonuclear fusion will be carried out. Compact hydrogen
power plants give necessary energy.
T-15 tokamak
Hydrogen is delivered by automatic winged spaceships,
taking away it from the atmospheres of giant planets
• Plants on refusion of breeds and receiving
metals have to be near the Sun, is closer,
than an orbit of Mercury or on the planet
For refusion of breeds the Sun gives energy
The zone of the asteroids, some satellites of
giant planets, asteroids of a belt of Koyper
and, probably, Oorta are used as the
storeroom of the useful minerals
Station in a zone of asteroids
In a zone of asteroids, Koyper bases are
created. Probably, such long-term settlements
will place in asteroids.
Space station in an asteroid
Robots, using draft of express rockets, direct on particular
orbits asteroids to the Sun on processing plants
Solar refusion plant
Asteroid transportation for refusion on a detail of
the space settlement
I think that already today we have to speak about an
ecological disaster of near space. And what will be when the
person becomes a kosmonist?
Garbage distribution in near-earth space
• We hope that between residents Gigapolisa
no relationship of hostility and profit, as
will the relations of friendship and
Thank you!
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